Satmar Magid Shiur Arrested for Allegedly Propositioning 16 Yr Girl for Sex

Update 8/2/22- Krishevsky’s next court date is August 29th at 9 AM at the Monticello Village Justice Court.

According to the Ulster Sullivan Daily Voice, 62-year-old Rabbi Izchak Krishevsky
(יצחק אייזיק קרישבסקי) was arrested for propositioning a 16-year-old girl, offering her money for sex. This happened in Monticello at the edge of a baseball field of the local HS.

Krishevsky, a Brooklyn resident is a magid shiur ( talmud lecturer) and mashpia (personal spiritual advisor) in the chasidish world. He is scheduled to deliver a Three Weeks talk tonight (Sunday 7/17/22) in Monticello’s Beis HaMedrish Hagadol. I am wondering if he will be yanked out or they will ignore the arrest or claim he is a victim of a bilbul by an antisemitic shiksa and will launch a pidyon shvuyim campaign to cover his bail and legal expenses. (Update- a few hours after I posted they announced that the speaker, no longer named, will not be able to make it due to a “family emergency” and announced a replacement.)

He has written vigorous anti Internet rants saying children should throw away the smartphones (kelim) of their parents in the sewer and that this is legit and not chutzpah or a violation of kibud av v’eim.

He has delivered ten talks for adults sponsored by Irgun Shiurei Torah which can be seen on YouTube. Strange that such an anti internet fanatic has his shiurim on the treyf internet.

WhatsApp is circulating this about Krishevsky:

The anti smartphone propaganda leaflets are filled with extremist quotes from Izchak Kirshevsky (as he’s known to the Monticello police department). A recent leaflet quoted him encouraging kids to express “chutzpah”against their parents – his own words – with smartphones. 

While the argument can be made that there’s place for such extremism just to keep things balanced – even when any בר דעת knows that such sentiments are rooted in wickedness and not resulting from pureness – maybe that’s OK as long he’s a fringe figure. But when Izchak is mainstream, has a platform in Satmer despite his consistent evil statements, then Satmer is well deserving of the shame and embarrassment after his arrest. When you give a platform to an evil person, when you take him in and adapt him as your own, you end up in the same hell as him. 

When you encourage kids to be chutzpahdig to their parents, in the name of the Torah, no less, public shame will find and haunt you for the rest of your life. 

And Satmer should wear and share the shame with you.

ACTION: If you have additional information about similar illegal child sex solicitation contact the Monticello police at (845) 794-8422

16 thoughts on “Satmar Magid Shiur Arrested for Allegedly Propositioning 16 Yr Girl for Sex

  1. Look the chovos holvuvos says when someone is playing frum shtick u should watch out from him these are the people to stay away from when u see guys screaming sha nu by davning most of thease guys have s rap sheet I experienced they are womanizer s

  2. While we have to take stories like this seriously and be objective. We still have to be able to ask legitimate questions and not jump to conclusions. This story is very odd, he just gotta be stupid to do it in such a way. Also the people of the area are known to be disliking to the Jewish people who use the area in the summer and confronting them a lot. This might be a false allegation.

    • When the yetzer horah is strong people do stupid things.

      BTW, I have been covering such stories for over 12 years now going back to before Weberman was arrested. I have heard all the excuses and explanations. Nothing new in your comments. Do you think it is easy for anyone to call the police and have to answer embarrassing questions? Do you know for a fact that the victim is not Jewish. Maybe she is Jewish but not frum. Maybe not Jewish. I don’t know. Nor do you. Antisemitism is a terrible thing. But falsely accusing someone of it is also terrible. Scream antisemitism when you know it is true. That is also what I do. But to falsely scream it when you don’t know anything hurts Jews when it is actually happens

      • this is a fabricated story the high school kids on that road are known for doing trouble and bothering the Jewish people that come up for the summer, there is no evidence at all that this happened

  3. Please learn the facts
    This case was closed after about 2 hours after it was opened. If my claim is true please take the time to apologize to the man and his family.


  4. I know Rabbi Krishevsky personally, this guy is a Tzaddik and the story was sound to me like a good joke,
    I looked into it and the stis very simple he was looking for a ‘goyite’ -cleaning lady – for his house and like a lot of ppl do (in the city there’s special locations on street you can offer money for cleaning jobs) he barely knows English and too naive to understand he’s doing something that can sound bad and he told that girl ‘money for hour ‘ or something like this and she called up police.
    From her aspect she is right but this is the whole story…again whoever knows that guy understand why such a misunderstanding can happen and why is unbelievable he should mean any wrong thing
    I’m sure hashem sent him this embarrassment to avoid maybe some gzeire on him….sad 😔

  5. the rabbi needed change to pay for a taxi, its all on camera, Watch the trial (which the media wont care to follow up since they know the truth)

  6. I hardly believe that this is true , if rabbi krishevsky really was up to that he had other ways of doing so . You have to be Melamed schism on every yid , and as long as you didn’t see what went on there you can’t conclude , everyone knows that Amy girl can point a finger at anyone and first thing is the the defendant is under arrest. Then they investigate , so don’t conclude base don’t media stories , obviously this is good juice for the newsrepoeters. לא
    תעמוד על דם רעיך

  7. Without going into any argument if the story is true or not, EACH AND EVERY YID has a Chezkas Kashrus until you know for certain through Beis Din or two witnesses that they lost it. A goy telling a story DOES NOT have any effect on a Kosher Yid’s Chezkas Kashrus and neither does a courts decision. Reporting such a story and saying bad things about a person without verifying the details is Lashon Hora and Motzi Shem Ra. Just because the secular media reports a story does not mean anything.

    • There is no issur of taking protective measures. Halacha including shmiras halashon is not unilateral disarmament. With loshon horah as is with pikuach nefesh on shabbos, or tnius, you don’t want to be a chosid shoteh.

        • The new shitah, Emes is kefirah, and sex with children is an embarrassment to be concealed. You are a choteh umachti. Covering up abuse is why some many frum children have their innocence wrecked by molesters. I am sure Chaim Walder, Nechemya Weberman, Avrohom Mondrowitz, Yiddi Kolko and all the other menuvalim appreciate the narishkeit you spread in defense of their kind.

  8. He asked her in his Yiddish accent where he can get a “texi” (taxi) and she thought he said “sexy”.

    • The latest fiction writing exercise in Satmar is inventing different ways in which Krishevsky could have been misunderstood. We have two forms of stories, Rebbe stories and Krishevsky terutzim.

  9. I can’t comment on Krishevsky’s guilt or innocence without some missing critical information. Like, what exactly does the girl claim he said to her? Did he explicitly ask for something sexual?
    (If he didn’t, his behavior might still be “suspicious” – but the law requires “innocent until proven guilty”. The prosecution must eliminate any possibility of an innocent explanation).

    It does sound like an “odd” crime; this isn’t how child molesters usually work. If it happened in a (physical) area or (online) forum known for prostitution, there’d be a stronger case. But how often do you hear of a grown man propositioning a teenage girl out of the blue outside a stadium? “Stranger danger” is the stuff of parents’ nightmares, but thats not how most child molestation happens.

    In practice , given how the American “justice” system works, I’d be rater surprised if it goes to trial. Based on what’s written here, my guess is an outcome similar (or perhaps even identical) to Rabbi Gabriel (Gavriel) Bodenheimer’s case.
    The prosecutor will admit that the case is weak; Krishevsky will admit that he dare not risk a trial, whose loss could mean years behind bars, not to mention a life’s savings in legal bills.
    So they’ll agree on Krishevsky pleading guilty to “endangering the welfare of a child”, or some similar charge. In return, the prosecution will drop all other charges, and agree that Krishevsky not spend any time in prison. Just a guess, though.

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