HALB’s Board of Directors Misled Parents About Their Investigation of  Yoseph Ungar (Updated 8/31/22- 8:20pm) (see update at end of post)

Guest post by Ariella Kay of Zaakah

The Allegation

Parents expect schools to protect their children from molesters. So, imagine the shock and horror for parents of Hebrew Academy of Long Beach (HALB) when they learned that Rabbi Yoseph Ungar, HALB’s first grade boys teacher, was named in a lawsuit for allegedly molesting a six-year-old student. 

The former student, Daniel Weiss (who has chosen to disclose his real name rather than using a John Doe pseudonym), is suing HALB (and those who were board members at the time) for alleged negligence which resulted in Weiss being molested by Rabbi Ungar. 

The complaint reads:

In or around the Fall of 2002, plaintiff went into the closet in Ungar’s
classroom to get a book while the other students were outside for recess. While he was in the closet, plaintiff saw that there was candy and took some for himself. 

Ungar approached plaintiff from behind, questioned him about taking the candy, and then said something to the effect of “You have to do something to get the candy.” Ungar then closed the closet door behind him and cajoled and otherwise required plaintiff to orally copulate him until Ungar ejaculated into Plaintiff’s mouth. Plaintiff spit the semen on the floor and began to cry.

Ungar proceeded to comfort Plaintiff and apologize, and promised to not do it again, as he wiped the semen off the floor. 

But according to the lawsuit it did happen again. In fact, it happened some twenty times. 

HALB’s Initial Communication to Parents

Within a week of being served in July 2021, HALB sent parents an email informing them:

  • Of the allegation, 
  • That they had placed Rabbi Ungar on administrative leave, and 
  • That HALB was retaining the Morgan Lewis Firm as an “outside, independent counsel” to investigate the allegations.

HALB’s Unjustified Exoneration of Rabbi Ungar

Four months later, in November of 2021, the school sent another email letting people know the investigation found the allegations were “not substantiated” and Ungar would be returning to the classroom after Chanukah, and he did.

But there had never been an independent investigation. The investigation (whose flaws will be detailed shortly) was conducted by the very same law firm employed by HALB to defend itself against Daniel Weiss’ lawsuit. That was a blatant conflict of interest. Defense attorneys have a vested interest in refuting allegations and limiting a client’s financial exposure and reputational risk. It is not surprising that they also had a vested interest in whitewashing the allegations against Ungar.

Their letter said that the allegations were “unsubstantiated.” That is a weasel word; it avoids saying that either the charges were proven or disproven. That is not a surprising outcome for a shoddy investigation. For example, they did not reach out to their full alumni, especially alumni who were in Rabbi Ungar’s classes in the past. That is where you would expect to find other survivors of such abuse. 

There is a great deal more we don’t know about the so-called investigation because no report was shared with the parents. A properly conducted investigation would include a full report and best practice is for the report to detail the steps and the findings and to share it with the affected community. Only the identities of survivors and some witnesses would be redacted.

HALB Knew Better

HALB knew better because in 2018 they proudly reported on their Facebook page that they underwent safety training with Dr. Shira Berkovits, PhD and JD, Director of Sacred Spaces, one of the premier organizations in this area. The training covered how to properly report and handle cases of abuse, no matter how long ago they occurred. You can see the original post by clicking here :

A group of people sitting at a table with laptops

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Sacred Spaces provides Jewish institutions with the professional services necessary to develop robust policies and training to prevent opportunities for abuse and guide them responsibly should abuse occur. Their training materials are perfect for handling cases of abuse such as this one. 

HALB appears to have only followed some of Berkovits’s expertise while ignoring other parts. For example, independent investigations always must be concluded with the production of a report featuring the findings. Many institutions have done these, including clients of Morgan Lewis Firm. However, HALB has no such report to back up why they were bringing Yoseph Ungar back. We know this because the parents confirmed it. When parents asked the administration for a copy of the report, HALB wouldn’t provide a clear answer on whether it existed. 

HALB Intentionally Mislead Parents

As mentioned earlier the supposed independent investigation was conducted by the Morgan Lewis Firm. But as you can see here, on August 5, 2021 HALB’s attorney in Weiss v. Hebrew Academy of Long Beach lawsuit was also Morgan Lewis. 

It wasn’t just the same firm defending the school in court and exonerating Ungar to parents. It was the same attorney, Martha B. Stolley who appears on the legal docket and claimed the charges were “unsubstantiated.” 

Text, letter

Description automatically generated

Responses from Parents

Overall, HALB’s parents accepted the school’s decision to reinstate Ungar for several reasons, all based on fallacies.

  1. They believed that the school had exercised proper due diligence in evaluating and then dismissing the allegation. Though as was pointed out, no such proper investigation was conducted.
  2. Some people insisted Ungar “could never have done this” because they “knew him” personally from the community or from their and their children’s interactions with him in school. They did not realize and had not been educated to the fact that child molesters can be otherwise socially presentable or even downright nice people in their everyday interactions. Almost every child molester knows to molest in private rooms, or as alleged in this case, in a closet. 
  3. They found the allegation so shocking, so outside their experience and thus discounted the allegation. Such allegations are shocking, particularly when they hit close to home. But the statistical fact is that most allegations are true, and it is false allegations that are exceptionally rare. Lawyers usually vet cases before they risk lost time and expenses since they work on contingency. So false allegations where a lawsuit is filed are even rarer.
  4. Another fact lingered over this specific allegation. It was common knowledge in the community that when Daniel was a teenager he was convicted of theft. There was chatter in the parent body and the larger community which used this fact to claim that Daniel Weiss was dishonest and thus lying or perhaps that he was crazy. But this line of reasoning has several problems. For one, acting out as a teen can be the result of abuse rather than disproving abuse. Additionally, acting out as a teen does not mean one continues that path. Daniel Weiss is now a 26-year-old man, ten years removed from that theft and conviction. He is now a responsible adult. His very sense of responsibility to protect others from abuse is one of his motives for filing his lawsuit in spite of how excruciating it is to have to disclose the prurient details of his abuse.

The Plot Thickens When a Second Victim Comes Forward

We only know about the deficiency of outreach to alumni because independent of the HALB investigation, another alleged survivor of abuse by Ungar shared his story with Rabbi Yosef Blau, Senior Mashgiach Ruchani at YU’s Yitzchak Elchanan seminary

This happened after Ungar finished his HALB teaching year and was getting ready to take on a summer job at Camp Kaylie, which is operated by Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services.

No other rabbi in the Modern Orthodox world is as active in confronting the problem of child sexual abuse. For over 20 years he is the one who wrote the most about it, spoke about it the most, has the most contacts with others dealing with this problem. As such he is also someone who is in regular contact with survivors of abuse. Over the years he has spoken to hundreds of survivors, maybe even over a thousand. So, it is not that surprising that the second known alleged victim of Ungar ended up speaking to Rabbi Blau.

Rabbi Blau shared this information with Camp Kaylie through a private communication in June 2022. Camp Kaylie ignored the private communication and Ungar was still listed on their site as staff for the upcoming session. This is not that surprising for a camp run by Ohel which has a long history of covering up abuse and is now embroiled in a half a dozen lawsuits from alleged survivors of abuse at Ohel. 

Rabbi Blau had hoped to spare Camp Kaylie’s administrators from embarrassment and wanted to give them the opportunity to discreetly remove Ungar from working with children. But he attached even more importance to protecting children. So, he proceeded to issue the following public statement online:

Text, letter

Description automatically generated

The public release of the letter led Camp Kaylie to announce Ungar would not be working at Kaylie. So, the immediate risk to campers was averted. This was somewhat embarrassing for Kaylie, but they could claim that they relied on HALB’s initial report and could make believe they had responded promptly when notified by Rabbi Blau. Of course, the reality is that they only responded when Rabbi Blau’s letter went public

Rabbi Blau’s letter could not be ignored by HALB. HALB administrators are either graduates of, or current and former board members of Yeshiva University. HALB also produces a significant chunk of graduates who attend Yeshiva University and Stern College. Rabbi Blau is well known and respected by three generations of those graduates.

HALB administrators panicked. They sent the following email to parents on motzei Shabbat, June 25th 2022, one day after Rabbi Blau’s letter to Kaylie went online.

How would they explain to parents that their “outside, independent counsel” failed to mention a second victim existing?

The short answer is because there was no investigation. If it was thorough and they would have followed Sacred Spaces protocols of conducting a broad canvass of alumni, John Doe victim #2 would have been included in the original findings.

HALB used their Sacred Spaces training as PR but didn’t follow through to use that training.  They ignored the Sacred Spaces’ Child Safety First Report which states: 

In hindsight everyone wonders how the institution could have neglected to protect the child, but the institution, which was waiting for clear signs of abuse and reluctant to report “mere indicators,” simply did not understand what it was seeing or the responsibility it had to report. Policies must be clear that if there is a reasonable suspicion of abuse, it should be reported to the authorities, and staff members should never be discouraged from filing a report — a policy that is law in 17 states.

While the alleged abuse in this case is being brought years later, once it was brought to the school’s attention, they should have remembered their training from 2018. They shouldn’t have lied to parents about the relationship between the administration and Morgan Lewis firm. They could have kept Martha Stolley as legal counsel while hiring another third party to investigate the allegations. Having Stolley act as legal counsel and Task Force creates a conflict of interest. Morgan Lewis has a financial incentive to clear their client. Therefore, they aren’t going to do as thorough of a job of investigating allegations. This was avoidable. 

Next Steps

Parents of HALB students: if you’re reading this, I believe it’s because you care about what’s going on and want to protect your children. Here is what you can do:

  • Ask HALB to provide a basis for why they put Yoseph Ungar back into the classroom. You have a right to know. 
  • If they have another investigation, demand the school provide everyone a full detailed report of what the team discovered. Leave no stone unturned.
  • Talk about this case the next time you get together with other parents. You want to have as many outspoken parents about this as possible. Even the ones whose kids aren’t entering 1st grade.

Going forward, the school should do the following:

  • Terminate their relationship with Morgan Lewis as head of the task force.
  • Make sure their future 3rd party investigator is truly independent
  • All members of the current HALB school board should step down from their post. This includes Richard Hagler (former Executive Director) Lance Hirt (Chairman), Mitch Kirschner (co-President), Adrianne Mittan (Executive Director), and Nathaniel Rogoff (co-President)


UPDATE- posted by Asher Lovy of Zaakah on FaceBook 8/31/22, 8:13 pm ET)

***HALB Must Commit to a Transparent Investigative Process***

Following an egregious display of bad faith in the last investigation into sexual abuse allegations against Rabbi Yossi Ungar, HALB must demonstrate its commitment to the safety of its students by publicly committing to releasing a full, unedited report of its current investigation into new allegations against Ungar.

At the beginning of this year we were contacted by someone who alleged that he had been abused as a child by Rabbi Yossi Ungar, currently a rebbi at HALB. By that time Ungar had already been named in a Child Victims Act lawsuit filed against HALB for alleged coverup of abuse allegedly committed by Ungar against the plaintiff of that suit. Since this second alleged victim had contacted us after the Child Victims Act window had closed, we put him in touch with Rabbi Yosef Blau hoping that he could be of assistance.

Rabbi Blau spoke to the second alleged victim and following their conversations wrote a public letter to Camp Kaylie, where Ungar was also employed at the time, alerting them to the allegations he’d received and vouching for the person making the allegation. This letter (copied below) was also made available to the administration of HALB. In response, Camp Kaylie immediately fired Rabbi Ungar. HALB for its part, rather than take any action against Ungar despite this second allegation, opened a second investigation into the allegations against him.

There had been an earlier sham investigation conducted by HALB in which the committee in charge of determining whether Ungar would be retained or fired had HALB’s own attorney of record conduct the investigation into the allegations. It should go without saying that an institution having the attorney representing them against allegations that they covered up abuse committed by the person they’re investigating is a clear and unconscionable conflict of interests. Nevertheless, that’s what HALB did.

Unsurprisingly that initial investigation failed to substantiate the allegation and Ungar was allowed to remain at HALB. No report was released by the school or their defense attorney explaining the reasoning behind their decision, what investigative methods were used, or what steps they took to reach their decision.

When the second investigation was announced we were therefore understandably concerned about the legitimacy of the process given the bad faith with which HALB had previously acted in the first investigation. At the request of the second alleged victim we reached out to the firm conducting the second investigation and asked, among other things, if HALB had committed to releasing a report detailing the results of this second investigation to ensure transparency in the process.

We were informed by the firm that HALB had privately committed to releasing a summary report. When we asked if they’d make that commitment in public and in writing we were told by the firm that HALB refused. Summary reports are not written by the investigators. They are written by the clients – the institution under investigation – and can include or exclude any detail they want to. They can also contain outright falsehoods with no consequence.

Given HALB’s clear acts of bad faith during the last investigation, the two allegations against Rabbi Ungar, and the lawsuit alleging coverup, we feel that in order to ensure transparency in this process and ensure that a proper investigation is conducted, HALB’s administration, and Executive Director Richard Hagler in particular in his capacity as chair of the task force charged with investigating these allegations, must commit publicly, in writing, to releasing the full report as written by the investigators. Anything short of that cannot guarantee transparency and legitimacy in this process, especially given the egregious bad faith shown by HALB up to this point.

We urge you as concerned parents to reach out to HALB’s administration and demand that they demonstrate a commitment to the safety of students and children in the community by committing publicly and in writing to releasing the full report as written by the investigators, without modification.

28 thoughts on “HALB’s Board of Directors Misled Parents About Their Investigation of  Yoseph Ungar (Updated 8/31/22- 8:20pm) (see update at end of post)

  1. Still loads of photos of Rabbi Ungar on HALB websites, including one with the blurb that they are proud to have him on their staff.

  2. You should be ashamed of yourself Ariella.

    There is a special place in hell for people lile you.

    What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    I hope you reach out to each member of the board before RH and YK and ask for mechila.

    • You should be ashamed that you put your child in danger every day by continuing to send them to HALB. I hope it never gets to the point where you have to ask mechila from your own child for being such a careless parent. Although parents like you, who suppress their parental instincts in favor of abusers, never actually apologize if their children are hurt. Sad. Some people, like you, simply don’t deserve children.

    • This is what I am posting

      I hope you reach out to
      Ariella Kay before yk to ask for real forgiveness ..

      It is clear to me that if Ariella Kay does end up going to hell one of the worst parts will be dealing with people who resort telling people they don’t even know that you wish they go to hell . Careful what you wish for . I am not really sure if you want your children to know that their parent wrote an anoumous comment telling someone they don’t even know to go to hell

    • Innocent until proven guilty is for the courtroom only. When it comes to keeping our kids safe, there’s no such thing. Wouldn’t you rather keep your child safe by erring on the side of caution after TWO people accused this man of molestation instead of claiming “innocent until proven guilty” and giving him the benefit of the doubt? What happens if Gd forbid your child comes to you and says that someone hurt them? Would you also be saying “incident until proven guilty”, “he couldn’t do something like that, he’s such a good person!”?? Or would you do everything in your power to keep your child safe? Ariella doesn’t need me defending her but she is looking after the safety of all of the children in the community. Something that can’t be said for anyone who cries innocent until proven guilty on someone who is accused of molestation.

  3. Why post a picture of people who are not on the board? Do you know how many people just read headlines , look at pictures and not read the full article. You shoudl remove the pictures asap.

  4. As a HALB parent (albeit one without the guts to reveal my name, which I apologize for) I do agree with a number of the points related in the above guest post. I think HALB has done an exceptionally poor job of how they have handled this situation and their communication. With that said they have done something, which is a lot more than many institutions can say (not an excuse, just a fact).

    In no way to belittle the suffering that anyone has from any type of abuse, I think focusing on Rabbi Ungar when he has not been convicted of anything other than in certain courts of public opinion is absolute Rishus. It is HALB’s job to figure out if something happened and to keep him out of the classroom until they can figure this out (which they are doing). With that said he is a human being who has for many many years taught and tutored, hundreds if not thousands of kids. At best he deserves some benefit of the doubt and at worst maybe some privacy.

    I cannot fathom the tragedy of those that have been abused. One can only imagine the pain and suffering they go through on a regular basis. With that said I don’t think it is an excuse by outside parties to destroy someone else’s life who has not been proven in any way to have done anything.

    Yes my kids had Rabbi Ungar, yes I think very highly of him, yes I am in the crowd of people who “could never believe he would do something like this”. I am also in the crowd that thinks that Rabbi Blau is a well meaning tzaddik, but thinks he may have gone too far here, likely because Ohel/Kaylie would not back down, I am sure the hanhallah of HALB would have taken him very seriously. With that said I am not in the crowd that is naïve to think that these things don’t happen even among the most Ehrlich of people, but until proven otherwise I will give Rabbi Ungar the benefit of the doubt.

    As an aside, please take down the picture of Rabbi Ungar. It is a picture of a first grade Rebbi making a silly face, I am sure it is being seen as otherwise. Again more rishus for no reason. If you need to have a picture put up one of HALB.

    • I do believe in the benefit of a doubt. But two allegations weigh heavily. Rabbi Blau isn’t saying what he said out of zealotry but out of sober assessment of credibility born of many years of experience. HALB has lost its credibility because of how they deliberately first commissioned a non independent study and lied to parents about it being independent. Now they are not willing to commit to promising to share the results of their new investigation. Only a full sharing of their new investigation including its scope and its results can restore their credibility. Until then you have to suspect that might lie again and misrepresent the results of the new investigation.

      I understand your compassion for Ungar if you believe him innocent. But if you are wrong, allowing him to continue is to endanger other children. Is that something that should be accepted as the price of not hurting his feelings or his standing?

      • For clarity and in agreement with you I am not saying that he should be allowed back in the classroom. If I were a parent (or a school) that infinitesimal chance that something happened is enough to err entirely on the side of caution.

        Although I don’t suggest reading his mind I think this is in many ways what Rabbi Blau is saying ie in this situation we err on the side of caution and take the alleged individual out of the camp/classroom until we can find out what happened.

        The onus, as I think is accurately pointed out in the original post, is on HALB to get to the bottom of this in an honest and open manner. I am sure they believe they have tried and will I am sure continue to correct any mistakes they may have made (not an excuse, they screwed up as far as I am concerned). With all that said I do not think we need to drag an individual through the mud until we have concrete evidence. I think right now this all falls well short of that.

    • When it comes to child safety, HALB has an obligation to follow best practices according to legitimate safety experts, such as the ones who they brought in for training Sacred Spaces. Giving them a pat on the back “for doing something” and not the full scope of what they’re supposed to is far from appropriate. They have a legal, ethical, and financial responsibility to these kids.

      I wish you would take the time to recognize the legal process and what inhibits criminal charges from being pressed. Ungar will never be arrested for what he allegedly did to Daniel or John Doe #2 because the window for reporting it ended at their 23rd Birthdays, respectively. Civil is the only viable option for Daniel at this point, and it’s MORE than sufficient information to remove Ungar from the classroom. You don’t WAIT for another kid to be abused before that happens. That’s negligence, and if God forbid another student is molested by student ow, that child (and their parents) can sue the school for negligence since they didn’t follow proper protocol in light of the allegations.

      Ungar put himself in this position. Nobody is smearing his name. He did that all to himself. Recognize his and HALB’s responsibility in this, please.

      You can’t claim “In no way to belittle the suffering that anyone has from any type of abuse” and then defame Daniel for theft when he was 16. Sir/ma’am, that IS suffering. That is a boy who is crying out for help and the adults at the time failed him, including his own parents which I will get to later.

      • Ariella,

        I agree with numerous things you say point out, particularly about HALBs handling of this situation, but you write:

        “Ungar put himself in this position. Nobody is smearing his name. He did that all to himself. Recognize his and HALB’s responsibility in this, please.”

        How did Rabbi Ungar smear himself? Nothing at this point has been proven in any form. We know there is one allegation, we know of a second allegation that can not at this point be completely verified. We don’t have to disparage Daniel Weiss in any way or suggest that something did not happen, but we are still left with no proof that Rabbi Ungar did anything, as an example, maybe it was someone else, maybe it was a substitute.

        If they have not (which appears to be the case) HALB does need to do a thorough investigation. HALB needs to take him out of the classroom, which they have. Many issues to be resolved, but to say that Rabbi Ungar has smeared himself at this point is rishus.

        • The reason Ungar put himself in this position is because he is the one named in the complaint. If it was a substitute teacher, or an unknown adult, Daniel would have stated that and the lawyer would have written that in so as not to cause a liability problem. That happens sometimes. It’s the case with many sexual abuse lawsuits where the victim doesn’t always remember the alleged perpetrator’s name (some examples include Ohel Children’s Home foster parent, Yeshivah of Flatbush music teacher, and Yeshiva of South Fallsburg student).

          If Daniel says it was Ungar, then he knows who did it. Survivors who name their perpetrators, whether alleged or convicted, know what happened. There is lots of effort that goes into writing these legal complaints and Michael Dowd (Weiss’s lawyer) is no fool.

          You mentioned HALB removed Ungar from the classroom. As far as we know, that is not true. Their last email to parents did not say he would be out of the classroom. If you have an email from the school after June 2022 stating so, I’d appreciate if you could send it to me.

          No, Ungar being in this predicament isn’t rishus, but you know what is? Having Daniel recount his story of Ungar allegedly forcing him to provide oral sex at 8 years old. That is cruelty. And HALB forcing parents to choose between safety and danger is rishus, too.

          • He will not be in the classroom.

          • He will not be in the classroom. I don’t believe an email has been sent out.

            You still have not given any real reason that you continue to use rabbi Ungar as a punching bag. There is yet no proof that he did anything. When something somehow can be proven let the chips fall where they may, but before that he is as much a victim as Daniel weiss.

            You also should think about what you said about Daniel’s mother. She is as much a victim in all of this. A single woman bringing up a son who was traumatized at a young age, but could not express what happened to him. It sounds like he may have been difficult as a result of this. It is highly unlikely a mother just gives up on her son. This is likely due to many many years of a challenging relationship. You seem way to quick to condemn her. What is your gain from that. Have the same Rachmanus on her as you do on her son.

            One thing you don’t seem to acknowledge or want to acknowledge is that HALB has dealt with the issue. Maybe imperfectly, but they are trying. This is certainly not being swept under the rug as it has been in many places.

            • If an email wasn’t sent out, then he hasn’t been removed from the classroom. This is yet another example of HALB’s negligence: lack of communication and action. This shouldn’t be something you find out from a comment on a blog post.

              I gave you the reason: he Yoseph Ungar is named in the complaint. Therefore, he poses a RISK. That is why he is being named here.

              If you equate Ungar and Weiss as being victims, then I’m sorry to tell you you’re not here in good faith. No parent in their right mind would put their child in the hands of an alleged abuser but say Weiss is also a problem. It doesn’t work that way and to view it as such is disgusting of you.

              From what I understand, Weiss has gone above and beyond in harming her son in this. Negligence is one thing. It’s another to use her relationship with Daniel as an excuse to tell parents why he should be discredited. I have no rachmanut for someone who willingly chooses to bring a child into the world and then acts in such a cruel fashion when it comes to abuse.

              Besides, you keep ignoring victim #2 in all of this. I hope you can see why he has no interest in showing his name to people; with parents like yourself making up every excuse in the book against Daniel, why should this second victim experience the same fate? Now you know.

              HALB deceived parents and didn’t follow best practices. If you missed that point then you did what I suspect is scrolling to the end of the article to just argue and not actually read anything. When you decide to listen to the points being made here, then we’ll talk.

  5. The funny part is this blog and Ariella (quick to judge without facts) Kay aren’t mentioning the 1st claimant’s history.

    This boy (now a man) has been troubled. He grew up without a father really in the picture, he has been arrested (stealing cars from Jewish people on a Friday night), is estranged from his mother (who works at Halb) and has a history of not being honest.

    Usually when closings like this come out, it snowballs ( Kolko, Lanner, Finkelstein, etc..) I don’t see dozens of people coming out.

    • Ariella wrote:

      “Another fact lingered over this specific allegation. It was common knowledge in the community that when Daniel was a teenager he was convicted of theft. There was chatter in the parent body and the larger community which used this fact to claim that Daniel Weiss was dishonest and thus lying or perhaps that he was crazy. But this line of reasoning has several problems. For one, acting out as a teen can be the result of abuse rather than disproving abuse. Additionally, acting out as a teen does not mean one continues that path. Daniel Weiss is now a 26-year-old man, ten years removed from that theft and conviction. He is now a responsible adult. His very sense of responsibility to protect others from abuse is one of his motives for filing his lawsuit in spite of how excruciating it is to have to disclose the prurient details of his abuse.”

      On what basis do you assume that the 16 year old boy is the same as the 26 year old man?

      As for family estrangement: What do or don’t we know about whether the mother was willing to stand up for her son about the abuse?

    • Since Yerachmiel kindly provided it for you, I’ll skip to the next parts. You can apologize for being “quick to judge” at any time:

      “This boy (now a man) has been troubled”- yes….and? You’re proving my point about why he was targeted by Ungar. Absentee parents are one of the top reasons abusers go after children. If anything, you’re showing how cruel you are to people who come from broken homes and how no matter what they do, they will always be cast aside for circumstances they didn’t ask to be born in.

      His criminal record came after he was abused. Ever stop and think why he acted out and broke the law? I’ll give you a minute to think about that.

      Yes, we are aware that Mrs. Weiss works at HALB. We are also aware of her aloof and cruel attitude towards this has been, though not uncommon. It’s pretty normal for children to have unsupportive family members including their own parents. If anything, it underscores why Daniel never felt comfortable enough telling her in the first place; she wasn’t a safe person to disclose abuse to if this is how she would react. And this is why wait for it Daniel was targeted by Ungar.

      “Usually when closings like this come out…” I don’t know what this is referring to here because you mentioned three different abusers (Finkelstein was never convicted either, FWIW. Still want him babysitting your kid?) with three very different experiences for the respective victims. Abuse is not a neatly crafted storyline that is supposed to make sense to you. Your job, you only job when it comes to being a parent, is to protect children. Not reputation, not someone’s parnassa, not supervising a storyline. Your one job is to put your child above all else.

    • Fuck you for bringing up a survivor’s “history”.

      How much of that “history” is a result of the trauma that comes along with being raped?

      If, God forbid, a child or grandchild of yours faces the same horror, something tells me they’d be estranged from you too. Does that mean it didn’t happen? Do you actually understand what happens to a child who was raped, if left without treatment or support?

      You’re even even more disgraceful than your handle let’s on.

    • I object to you saying “coming out” you have no idea how disrespectful that is to the MANY victims
      And survivors out there.

      In addition the cases you reference while many victims did come forward (which takes courage as you can see based on some comments here for example) manny did not. I would line to know at what number of victims have the courage to gone forward would be your number in order make a difference .. 10, 20,30,40 50, or more than 50

      Would that change if you knew one of the victims
      Does it matter that there are more then 1 yes but no other number should matter . There are many victims that never come forward that is a proven fact over and over again being a victim is one thing coming forward is another because many times you are victimized all over again … see above

  6. Thank you Yerachmiel and Ariella! Unfortunately, this is not the only allegation that Richie Hagler and the HALB board are aware of. There is another current staff member, with multiple allegations against him that they refuse to properly address. The children in HALB are in danger, and it is time for the parents, and community to stand up for our children once and for all.

  7. A halb parent (afraid to reveal name as well)-

    I’ve no idea who you are, nor would I want to.

    You are a pathetic fool who is prepared to endanger further children in the name of his ‘opinion’

    Your arrogance is stunning, and to dismiss actual survivors as if you shared common experience is beyond revolting.

    You Sir, are a simpering coward.

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