Jonathan Rosenblatt and the Boundary between Innocent, Creepy, and Abusive

Jonathan Rosenblatt, rabbi of the Riverdale Jewish Center, is the great-grandson of Yossele Rosenblatt. I am sitting here listening to Yossele’s magnificent cantorial singing on recordings made a hundred years ago. He had everything, vocal range, control, phrasing, musicality, originality, … Continue reading

Bina’s Netiv Aryeh Tries to Minimize Its Connection to Alleged Child Pornographer Rabbi Jonathan Skolnick

UPDATE- 11/13/19- Jewish Week published a story confirming some of my suspicions that he was also doing his thing while at Netiv Aryeh. As the saying goes, “Success has a thousand fathers but failure is an orphan.” That goes … Continue reading

Sauna Rabbi Rosenblatt Is Hung Out to Dry

Following his forced retirement from the Riverdale Jewish Center, sauna-boy-gawker Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt started advertising himself doing “spiritual and psychological counseling” at Scarsdale Integrative Medicine (SIM). His reputation caught up with him and SIM dropped him unceremoniously, even claiming he … Continue reading

Did Sauna Rabbi, Rosenblatt, Sanitize His History to Get New Job

In May I reported (5/30/16) that Jonathan Rosenblatt was working as a “spiritual and pyschological counselor” at Scarsdale Integrative Medicine. He got this position after being forced out of his rabbinical position at the Riverdale Jewish Center because of his … Continue reading