Krawatsky’s Defamation Lawsuit Will Likely Go Down the Tubes, Just Like Bodkins’




I have reposted “Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Levin’s Close Call With Justice” which I first posted in August, 2014, because of the eerie similarities of the Yisroel Bodkins case in North Miami Beach to the recently announced defamation lawsuit by Rabbi Shmuel (Steven) Krawatsky against blogger/anti-abuse activist Chaim Levin and two sets of parents whose children reported their alleged abuse to the police and protective services. 

In both cases, we have popular yeshiva teachers who loved spending time with kids even on their off hours. In both cases, several parents brought their children to the authorities to report these yeshiva teachers for sexual abuse of boys while they were working in summer camps. In both cases the official responses were inconclusive but the teachers lost their jobs. In both cases a variety of community leaders, including the heads of the schools that fired them, nevertheless publicly insisted on their innocence of child molesting. And in both cases funds were raised for lawyers to uphold the claims of innocence.

Yisroel Bodkins

Yisroel Bodkins

In the end, Bodkins withdrew his lawsuit when the pre-trial discovery process, including depositions, exposed how insiders who indeed assumed Bodkins’ guilt acquiesced to rabbinical pressure to protect his reputation. I expect the exact same thing to happen with Krawatsky’s lawsuit.

I believe it is a PR stunt which will evaporate long before it even gets close to a trial. But, if it ever makes it to trial, I believe it will strip away the ambiguities of the case and demolish claims by Krawatsky and his backers. 


Rabbi Avrohom Chaim
Levin’s Close Call With Justice (8/29/14)

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Joe Hynes, Why Are You Honoring Me? — From the Archives of 2013

Henna White, unidentified, & Joe Hynes

Henna White, Eli Poltorak (Chabad), & Joe Hynes

I first posted this in 2013. It comes to mind in some discussions about being controversial and making enemies. I have tried hard to earn my enemies for the right reasons and I believe I have. — Yerachmiel Lopin

 Joe, you are an important busy man and yet you have taken time out to honor me. Charles Joseph Hynes, you are District Attorney of Brooklyn and I am just a blogger. You have over a thousand employees and I am a one-man operation. You get covered by the New York Times;  so far, I have only had a few mentions in the mainstream media. Yet you have honored me.

Arthur Aidala

Arthur Aidala

I am surprised because I’ve been criticizing your office for four years. I have accused your Jewish liaison, Henna White, of covering up sex abuse. I accused you of colluding with your buddy, Arthur Aidala, to give Menachem Deutsch a sweetheart deal on serious molesting charges. I accused your Rackets Bureau chief, Michael Vecchione, of perjury, when he denied remembering the content of Lauren Hersh’s training session about Brady disclosure obligations.

Vecchione Stock 2aI confess; I am obnoxious to you. I call your Jewish liaison, Henna Whitewash, and I refer to Michael Vecchione as your “racketeer.” Just in the last year, I raked you over the coals with pejorative article titles such as:

Yet you honor me by taking me seriously, reading all my posts about your office, and even worrying about my deleterious influence on your impressionable staff. You have honored me, ABOVE ALL, by instructing your IT department to block my blog. Continue reading

A Great Day for Hasidic Perverts- From the Archives

Menachem Mendel Deutsch Does the Hat Trick מנחם מענדל דייטש

Menachem Mendel Deutsch Does the Hat Trick
מנחם מענדל דייטש

First appeared in 2013 around the Jewish day of tragedy, the 16th of Tammuz.

Yesterday was a great day for 21-year-old, Hasidic pervert Menachem Deutsch. Two years ago it looked like he was going to spend a lot of time upstate. As reported in the Friday June 24th, 2011 New York Post headline, this “Brooklyn Sicko Lured Young Boys into Shul, Then Molested Them.”

The first victim, who turned 12 on Wednesday [June 22], was walking home from school at around 4 p.m. when he was approached by an unidentified man at Simcha Hall, a… shul [that] serves members of the Belz sect… [one of the largest Hasidic groups in Borough Park]. Continue reading

Brooklyn DA, Ken Thompson, Has a Courtroom Political Operative

Wayne Williams 1

Wayne Williams – If you see him attending a case in court, the political fix is probably being attempted.

The New York Daily News (6/15/16) reports, “Ex-staffer accuses Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson of promoting unqualified political operative.

According to the article, the DA promoted Wayne Williams to Deputy Chief of Staff even though he has no law degree.

Worse, Williams routinely shows up in court rooms to monitor ADAs, and to coach/coax them in their handling of cases.

This  reeks of politically motivated manipulation of cases  In a word, it reeks of fixing. But our ever so clever DA makes honest ADAs take the rap even if they are pressured to override their professional judgment. No wonder so many professionals have quit the office. No wonder the Haredi community has come to love Thompson.

For the first time in decades, the NYPD is shaking in its boots about being caught doing illegal favors for Haredim as top cops are losing their careers over such misconduct. But the Brooklyn DA is heading in the other direction, towards more politicization and fixing. Continue reading

Lost Messiah Site Hacked but Restored

Update- 5/18/16 2 p.m. (EST): The Lost Messiah site is back up. The original title of the post has been corrected.

One of the sites that attempted to fill the gap by the takeover of Failed Messiah was Lost Messiah. Sometime last night or this morning visitors to the site encountered a screen which said, “ is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site.” Continue reading

From the Archives: Another Modesty Zealot Bites the Dust (updated 9:45 pm, EST)

Nechemya Weberman in Kings County Supreme Court on 3-25-11 (photo credit Joseph Diangello)

Nechemya Weberman in Kings County Supreme Court on 3-25-11 (photo credit Joseph Diangello)

A little over five years ago on 2/24/11 I broke this story about Weberman. After a tumultuous trial, covered by all the major national and international media, he was convicted on 59 counts and sentenced to 103 years. He is now in jail and will probably die there. His arrest was not news, but I was the first to identify his role in the Williamsburg Modesty Committee the day after his arrest. It was that role that gave him cover and access to his victims and made it possible for him to intimidate them.

At the time I posted I had no idea of the extent his misconduct under the cover of his modesty committee. It involved dozens of victims. Nor did I know how much it would consume my blogging through his trial. It provoked major public demonstrations against him, something unprecedented. He was the first Haredi abuse trial where there was massive courtroom attendance by supporters of the victim. I am very proud of my extensive blogging including some of the best pieces I wrote and some superb guest posts. See especially, She Knew She Was in Trouble When Weberman Closed the Bedroom Door , Who Will Watch the Watchers?, An Introduction to the Nechemya Weberman Trial for Those New To the Case on the Eve of the Trial,  Reflections on the Weberman Trial at the End of Its First Five Days, and How an Entire Community Of Sheep Were Deceived By Weberman! – Guest Post by Pearl Engelman.

According to the NY Post, Nechemya Weberman was arraigned last night on charges of  raping a 12 year old girl.  Weberman is one of the most active members of the Williamsburg Vaad Hatzniyus (modesty committee). This makes you wonder about our so-called modesty guardians and zealots.

Shimon Weiser is another proud Williamsburg modesty zealot who has taken on the task of censoring others. His dishonest tactics include using the name Rabbi Binyomin Brown when he calls around to harass those advertising in Vos Iz Neies (VIN), the orthodox news web site which he was instrumental in banning.

David Niederman is the most important Satmar Williamsburg power broker. Niederman is very close to Nechemya Weberman and others in the Williamsburg Vaad Hatznius. He, along with the Vaad Hatznius allowed Rabbi Reichman to continue teaching at Satmar in spite of persuasive allegations that Reichman molested boys in the Satmar yeshiva, United Talmudical Academy (UTA). Shimon Weiser’s brother, Moshe Weiser, is one of the men Niederman uses to liaison between the Williamsburg Hasidic community and the police. Moshe Weiser was one of the founders of the Williamsburg Shomrim patrol service.

Nechemya Weberman, Moshe Weiser, Shimon Weiser and David Niederman are all part of a circle of tznius zealots who preach stricter standards of sexual modesty  and advocate banning VIN because it reports on convicted sex offenders. At the same time these tznius zealot are busy covering up sex abuse in their own backyard. They are a bunch of hypocrites. Weiser and his gang should stop promoting censorship in the name of modesty and concentrate on keeping their own Williamsburg  zealots on the straight and narrow. Continue reading

60 Days for 4 Youth Victims, 24 Sex Felonies & 52 Misdemeanors

The New York Daily News, reported: “EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn rabbi charged with teen sex assault gets 60 days in jail; DA ripped for offering light plea deal.”

While Rabbi Yoel Malik pled guilty to a single misdemeanor count of Sexual Misconduct, Oral/Anal Conduct (NYS PL 130.20.02) his charge sheet included another 52 misdemeanor counts and 24 felony counts of sex crimes with minors which the record shows the DA and the defendant agreed to have covered by the single misdemeanor plea.There were additional felony and misdemeanor charges that were dropped.

I get plea deal bargaining. They spare the victims the ordeal of a trial, save prosecution resources, and eliminate the risk of an acquittal. But an average of 2 days per felony sex crime? That was no deal; it was a giveaway, a travesty. The victims and justice were bamboozled and the public was endangered. Continue reading