How the Non-Frum World Was Better than Satmar in Responding to a Menuval Like Krishevsky

Earlier today (7/17/22) I posted about the arrest of Izchak Krishevsky, a zealot against the internet, a prominent Satmar magid shiur and mashpiah. He also had a reputation for cruelty to his students.

But now I want to focus on how he came to be arrested. According to the Mid Hudson News:

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Call Toronto Police with Info about Alleged Child Abuser, Phillip Kravetsky

Toronto Police Tweeted on 3/15/18:

Phillip Kravetsky, 51 charged: If you have any info about man employed as family counsellor charged in ongoing sexual assault investigation relating to children in Toronto call police 416-808-2922 or remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477

On his LinkedIn listing, Phillip C Kravetsky is described as a psychotherapist/mediator and “Owner at Durham Region Family Law Support Services” in Toronto.

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Breaking- Malka Leifer Arrested in Response to Australian Government Pressure

Malka Leifer molested girls in the Adaas Haredi yeshiva in Melbourne, Australia. When the board of her school thought the cops were closing in on her they acted to fly her out of the country the same day. Since then she has evaded extradition from Israel by feigning mental illness. Recently, the Australian government pressured the Israeli government at the “highest levels.”

Behold, the Israeli government that claimed to be hamstrung by its laws, found a way, and she was arrested according to a report in Y-Net. They do not name her, which is typical of Israeli media restraints when reporting on those not convicted. But it is clearly her based on the description of the allegations and the role of the Australian government.

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Monsey Rabbis Declare: Bodenheimer Is Not Zimri – SATIRE

The Zeal of Phineas, 1430 artworkMany people are chas v’cholilah believing that Rav Gavriel Bodenheimer shlita, menahel of Bais Mikroh is guilty of sexually abusing a young boy for over a year just because a grand jury took testimony and indicted him. But the Torah shows us that Zimri openly consorted with a Midianite and that is why Pinchas killed both of them with a spear.

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Who Else Has Thompson Arrested?

Kenneth Thompson

Kenneth Thompson

The blogger, Jewish Whistleblower stopped posting in 2005. But he’s continued to monitor abuse in the orthodox world, assiduously scouring press reports and court records. On a regular basis he shares important facts by commenting on Frum Follies and other blogs. His reporting of facts is consistently accurate and he’s alerted me to many things I did not know. —  Yerachmiel Lopin

Guest Post by Jewish Whistleblower

Earlier this week Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson’s office released 20 names (of defendants in cases where former DA Hynes refused to divulge the names because they involved Orthodox Jewish suspects and/or victims) to Sue Edelman of the New York Post. 14 of those names have yet to be publicly reported.

Today we learned from the NY Jewish Week that the DA’s office claims that “Since January, Thompson’s office has arrested seven people accused of sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community”.

Who are these people? We need to know so we can evaluate whether the corrupt Hynes legacy (one step closer to criminal charges ) including protecting abusers in our community has finally come to an end.

I have been able to determine only 5 of the 7 arrested in Brooklyn this year:

I don’t believe Brooklyn Rabbi Samuel Waldman ( ) is one of the cases as Rabbi Waldman was charged with Federal crimes.

I don’t believe Rabbi Menachem Tewel AKA Mendel Tevel is one of the cases as he was arrested at the end of 2013 ( ). Rabbi Tewel’s next court appearance is September 4, 2014.

Then again I don’t know how the Brooklyn DA’s office keeps these statistics and that is one of the points of this exercise, to determine what the real statistics are.

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