Breaking- Malka Leifer Arrested in Response to Australian Government Pressure

Malka Leifer molested girls in the Adaas Haredi yeshiva in Melbourne, Australia. When the board of her school thought the cops were closing in on her they acted to fly her out of the country the same day. Since then she has evaded extradition from Israel by feigning mental illness. Recently, the Australian government pressured the Israeli government at the “highest levels.”

Behold, the Israeli government that claimed to be hamstrung by its laws, found a way, and she was arrested according to a report in Y-Net. They do not name her, which is typical of Israeli media restraints when reporting on those not convicted. But it is clearly her based on the description of the allegations and the role of the Australian government.

All we have now is a sketchy report (in Hebrew).  Let’s hope this is will culminate in her return to Australia to face trial. Continue reading


Rapist Mondrowitz Is Cozy In Jerusalem

Avrohom Mondrowitz Sabbath Shopping Fri 7-22-16 Jerusalem

Avrohom Mondrowitz

Thanks to the multiple failures of the Brooklyn District Attorney and the Israeli Courts, serial rapist Avrohom Mondrowitz evaded justice for raping boys in America.

In this picture you can see him on a Friday morning shopping jaunt in the Shuk Davidka area of Jerusalem sometime in July of this year (2016).

An Israeli source reacted sarcastically to this picture:

We all appreciate going to a store early, before it gets crowded. We especially appreciate it when child abusers who flee to Israel choose to do their erev shabbos shopping in our city. Continue reading

Rhonnie Jaus Update

Charles Hynes, unidentified, Rhonnie Jaus

Charles Hynes, unidentified, Rhonnie Jaus

Since my last two postings about Rhonnie (especially Rhonnie Moans… there have been a few developments and few new pieces of information about her past.

According to my sources, Brooklyn DA Charles Joe Hynes intervened and ordered Rhonnie to hand back the prosecution that she took away from Darren Albanese.

Rhonnie still held unrealistic hopes of being kept on in the Thompson administration. She did pull off that feat when Elizabeth Holtzman retired as Brooklyn DA and Joe Hynes fired twelve other Bureau chiefs but not Rhonnie.

She did Joe’s bidding in giving Continue reading

Hamodiah: No Nichum Aveilim for Molester Avrohom Mondrowitz!

Avrohom Mondorowitz is sitting shiva with his two brothers in Israel following the death of his mother. Misaskim published the names of all three brothers on their website shivah listing. Hamodiah picked up the notice but dropped Avrohom Mondorowitz from the listing. Apparently, Hamodiah’s editors do not feel it is a mitzvah to extend mourning consolation to this criminal. Continue reading

Mondrowitz: The Missing Years

The well know Brooklyn rapist of teen boys, Avrohom Mondrowitz, is now free. He fled to Israel after he was indicted in 1984. The Israeli Supreme Court overturned a lower court extradition order. How is this possible? Officially the answer is legalese: he was denied due process. Practically, there is something fishy. It is almost as if the Israeli system and the US system colluded so each could blame the other and the case could fall between the cracks.

Hella Winston has written an informative article in the Jewish Week. When he fled, Elizabeth Holtman, the Brooklyn DA, got the US State Department to request extradition. The request was turned down because sodomy (e.g., rape of a male) was not included in Israel’s definition of rape. Thus it was not an extraditable offense. According to Winston: Continue reading