Menuval Kovod Fresser, Ukraine’s Yaakov Bleich, Claims He Quit Prestigious Organizations Because He Is Slowing Down.

In response to Haaretz reporter, Sam Sokol‘s questions about his no longer being on the executive committees of the Conference of European Rabbis and the World Jewish Congress, self proclaimed Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, Yaakov Bleich said,

“Anyone in public life, over five to six years, you’re going to make changes, especially at my age, where I am less active.”

This from a guy who has been schnorring up a storm for Jews in Ukraine on his own since major Jewish groups will no longer pass through $ to him.

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Major British Jewish Organization Acts Over Concerns About Ukraine Rabbi Yaakov Bleich

Earlier this week (May 31, 2022) peak UK organization, the Board of Deputies of British Jews announced on Twitter that it was suspending its cooperation with the European Jewish Congress “due to concerns about how the Congress is handling misconduct complaints.” According to reliable sources this action grows out of reports about Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, Yaakov Bleich, sexually abusing of girls and women.

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