Breaking- Judge Rules Malka Leifer Is Mentally Fit for Extradition Hearing on Sexual Abuse Allegations

The Times of Israel reports the judicial ruling that Malka Leifer is mentally fit to face an extradition hearing which is scheduled for July 20, 2020.  Leifer stands accused in Australia of sexually abusing 3 sisters when she was principal of the Adaas girls high school in Melbourne. Just as the allegations got known the Adass board shipped her out on an early morning flight to Israel where she has since dodged extradition requests by faking mental illness. Israel’s anti abuse advocate, Shana Aaronson together with colleagues, hired a private investigator who documented a well functioning Leifer going about all sorts of tasks in spite of claims she could not do any of those. The other party to the fraud was the then Health Minister, Yaakov Litzman who acting on the behest of the Ger/Gur Hasidic group, exerted pressure on psychologists to go along with a false diagnosis of incapacity. Litzman is now being investigated for corruption in connection with this fraud.  (He is still in the government but now heads the housing ministry). Continue reading

Hounded and Persecuted: Come to Immanuel, Israel’s First and Best Pedophile Ir Miklat (SATIRE)

Guest Post by Enigma4u

The Chamber of Commerce of the City of Immanuel is proud to designate Immanuel as the first Ir Miklat (Sanctuary City) in Eretz Yisroel

  • Ground breaking ceremony date to be announced soon
  • Come join our Melave Malka, hosted by our very own Tznius Queen, Malka Leifer
  • 90664170990100183103noSpecial guest, Member of Knesset Yaacov Litzman, NoMD
  •  Musical entertainment by Yeedel Werdyger singing Shloime Carlbach’s best hits
  •  Separate seating

So Many Reasons to Choose Immanuel

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