Mondrowitz Sued along with Ger Yeshiva in Brooklyn for Sex Assault

Avrohom Mondrowitz escaped to Israel and beat back extradition on charges of sodomizing boys. Mondrowitz was a frum radio personality who falsely claimed to have smichah and a doctorate in clinical psychology. Relying on frum referrals he “counseled” and sodomized many boys. Eventually he non-Jewish victims came forward but he escaped to Israel back in 2006 before his arrest warrant could be executed.

Because Israel won’t extradite him there is no way to bring him back to face criminal charges. But thanks to the New York State Child Victims Act, Chaim Zuckerman, another of his victims will get his day in court. The Ger yeshiva, Yeshiva & Mesivta Bais Yisroel, where Mondrowitz was used as a counselor is included in the lawsuit. They were directly responsible for enabling the abuse by Zuckerman, who chose to use his name for a report in the New York Jewish Week. The events leading up to the abuse was Zuckerman seeing Mondrowitz bent over a boy with both their pants down. Zuckerman reported this to the principal who it turns out is also an alleged abuser who fled to Israel. Rabbi Avrohom Leizerowitz, the principal chastised the boy and forced him to enter counseling with Mondrowitz who sodomized him. Eventually Zuckerman was kicked out this and other yeshivas run by Ger and ended up on the streets.

Some people worry about punishing schools with lawsuits for events in the past for which the current administration may bear no direct responsibility. I would argue that even so, it is a past debt owed. But in the case of Ger, protecting child molesters is part and parcel of their culture. Their designated member of Knesset in Israel, then Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, was deeply involved in fraudulent manipulation to obstruct the extradition of serial child molester Malka Leifer, and help to other sex offenders. So I have not an iota of sympathy for their whining about the costs. More importantly, the abuse traumatized Zuckerman, derailed his normal progress and no doubt still costs him in emotional burdens.

One other thing worth noting. Ohel Children’s home, which has been sued by another abuse survivor was making referrals to Avrohom Mondrowitz.

Agudah Messaging About Lawyers to Defend Against Survivors

Asher Lovy, Director of Community Organizing for Zaakah, writes on FB:

Last week ZA’AKAH was made aware of a solicitation sent by Agudah [Agudath Israel of America] to a number of defense attorneys regarding the Child Victims Act. They were looking to put together a list of lawyers to make available to institutions being sued within the coming year under the Lookback Window of the Child Victims Act.

While I don’t begrudge institutions their right to defend themselves, I think it’s the fact that Agudah is making this solicitation that needs to be addressed. Continue reading

The Day of Judgment is Coming- בא יום הדין

Today, August 14, 2019 is opening day of the one year window in New York State for victims of child sexual abuse to sue individuals and institutions regardless of how long ago the abuse happened. This is all thanks to the Child Victims Act passed this year by the NYS legislature and signed by Governor Cuomo.

As you follow the news today you will see major lawsuits announced against an array of institutions where abuse happened, usually because of neglectful administration or even worse, administrators who allowed known abusers to stay on staff and continue to work with children. A number of orthodox schools, camps and youth organizations will be among those who are sued. Continue reading

Help Stop Child Molesting by Contacting Your NYS Legislator

Joel Engelman sent to me this message. He urges anyone concerned about sex abuse to support the  drive to extend the statute of limitations. I agree. The only way we will change the present culture is by flushing out all the old molesters. Most kids, especially frum kids, do not report molesting when it happens. By giving them more time as adults to report their abusers we all benefit by having the long time abusers detected and stopped. Readers, please read the call below and act on it! Continue reading