Today’s Court Sessions for Weberman and Yegutkin

The blog CALA NY had a nice posting on what happened during today’s Kings County Supreme Court hearings of alleged sex abusers Nechemya Weberman and Emanuel Yegutkin. In short, Continue reading


Go To Court on Fri 3-25-10 For the Dascalowitz Weberman Double-Header

Nechemya Weberman allegedly sexually assaulted a twelve-year-old girl  and continued doing it till she was fifteen. Meir Dascalowitz allegedly raped a boy in a mikvah (ritual bath) over a dozen times. The perpetrators and the victims are all Hasidim from Williamsburg. To the shame of the community’s members,  most of them either stay on the sidelines or actively support the alleged perpetrators. The victims and their families are subjected to all sorts of pressures to drop their cases. Fortunately, the criminal justice system is prosecuting the perpetrators.

Both defendants are out on bail. They have no incentive to rush to trial since they both face sentences of decades in prison. Instead, they publicly protest their innocence and hope that the chatter will die down while their well-paid lawyers try to postpone their trials. Continue reading

Nechemya Weberman Goes To Court on Wednesday, March 9 at 9 AM: BE THERE TO SUPPORT THE VICTIM

According to E Courts: Web CrimsNechemya Weberman (case #2011KN014839; defendant ID # 9462575N) will appear in the Criminal Court of Kings County, Part AP1F ( 120 Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn, NY 11201) on Wednesday, March 9, at 9 AM.

Weberman was arrested two weeks ago on charges of sexually assaulting a girl on multiple occasions between the time she was 12 and 15 while he was supposed to be her therapist (though he is not professionally trained or licensed). The therapy arrangement grew out of Weberman’s involvement with the Williamsburg Vaad Hatznius (Modesty Committee). Continue reading

Why Rachmonis for Baruch Lebovits is a Dangerous Mistake

In an earlier post I urged readers to write a letter to the judge about sentencing and to attend the sentencing to show the community that there are many of us who take the side of the victim.  If you will write a letter, it should be in by April 7. The court date for sentencing is April 12 in Brooklyn. See here for details about things you can do to support the victim and protect our children which have to happen on or before sentencing. Continue reading

Mondrowitz Eludes Justice, For the Moment!

Two weeks ago Avrohom Mondorowitz got off the hook for being a child rapist. Not in the eyes of G-d or man but in the legal system. The Israeli Supreme Court declared he cannot be extradited to the US to be tried for outstanding charges When he was indicted in 1984 he fled to Israel. The Brooklyn DA, Elizabeth Holtzman tried to extradite him but failed because the existing US-Israel extradition treaty did not cover rape of boys, just girls and women. The treaty was changed three years ago to cover all crimes which carried a sentence of one or more years. This happened after Holtzman left office. Her successor Charles Hynes was slow in pursuing the matter. Continue reading