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Today’s Court Sessions for Weberman and Yegutkin

The blog CALA NY had a nice posting on what happened during today’s Kings County Supreme Court hearings of alleged sex abusers Nechemya Weberman and Emanuel Yegutkin. In short,

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Go To Court on Fri 3-25-10 For the Dascalowitz Weberman Double-Header

Date: Friday March 25th, 2010

Time: 9:00 A. M (but come 20 minutes earlier for security checks, and one hour before to be sure of a seat). Be ready to wait, and wait, and wait till the case is called up. But don’t snooze. Some supporters who took the effort to attend the previous Weberman appearance missed it because it was over before 10 a.m.

Place: Kings County Supreme Court, 320 Jay Street (corner Johnson St), Brooklyn, NY 11201 (parking at Marriott)

Court Rooms: Check and write down the room listings in the court lobby for:

Nechemya Weberman (before Judge Patricia DiMango)
Meir Dascalowitz (Before Judge Miriam Cyrulnik)

Publicize: Share the details of the court event by communicating with bloggers and writing comments and guest posts for blogs. Try to take careful notes. You will have to be very alert once the case gets called up. Things happen quickly, the acoustics are lousy, and the details matter. I will be on my computer monitoring all my comments and messages. I will simultaneously be on FaceBook, chatting with any of you who reach out to me. Please” friend” on FB me before the morning of the 25th. You can use cell phones and cameras in the lobby and outside the courthouse. Hat Tips for the first usable photos of either defendant. Double hat tips for photos of either defendant parking illegally. Tripple Hat Tips for photos of illegal use of court house placards or pictures of defendants trying to cover their face when being photographed. Continue reading

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Nechemya Weberman Goes To Court on Wednesday, March 9 at 9 AM: BE THERE TO SUPPORT THE VICTIM


ATTEND THE COURT SESSION to show support for the victim. Weberman is likely to have his supporters out with him. He has a large family and social network that extends into UJO of Williamsburg and includes, of course, the Vaad Hatznius. If the past is any guide, supporters will turn out in force and one or two buses will be rented for the occasion. The supporters will glare at the victim and her family and will badmouth them outside the courthouse and in the corridors. If you can, please take pictures of Weberman and those turning out in support of him.

CALL THE POLICE WITH INFORMATION ABOUT NECHEMYA WEBERMAN. If you have information that can help this investigation call the Brooklyn Police Department, Sex Crimes Unit at (718) 230-4418. Call even if the incidents happened so long ago that they are no longer punishable and even if the incidents happpened outside Brooklyn, New York State, or even the United States. The information you share may help the department successfully prosecute Weberman. DON’T WAIT TO CALL. DON’T COUNT ON SOMEONE ELSE DOING THE CALL FOR YOU. YOUR CALL MAY SAVE A LIFE! Continue reading

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Why Rachmonis for Baruch Lebovits is a Dangerous Mistake

Baruch Lebovits could have gotten a plea bargain and served even less than two years. In his arrogance and cruelty he gambled on a trial. He alternately tried bribing witnesses, threatening them, and predicting that one of them would commit suicide. On one occasion when he was arrested he got out within hours of being booked and immediately called up a complainant to announce, “ha ha, I am out!” At the trial he used the tried and proven frum rejoinder, “my accuser is a bum.” To top it off he procured as a false witness a fellow molester, Berel Ashkenazi, assistant principal at Spinka. I want a long enough sentence to discourage this contemptuous attitude among other molesters. Continue reading

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Mondrowitz Eludes Justice, For the Moment!

Two weeks ago Avrohom Mondorowitz got off the hook for being a child rapist. Not in the eyes of G-d or man but in the legal system. The Israeli Supreme Court declared he cannot be extradited to the US to … Continue reading

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