Pelcovitz Supporter, David Morris, Asks Him to Apologize for His Evan Zauder Sentencing Letter

David Morris

David Morris

David L. Morris was Nominated for the President of Israel’s Prize 2010. Apart form his business in electro-optics he stablished Lema’an Achai (“For My Brothers”) the innovative community social services charity in Ramat Bet Shemesh, “Magen”, the Bet Shemesh Child Protection Agency, and “Yad LeYedid” (A Hand to a Friend) charity helping impoverished families in Jerusalem.

Magen proudly hosted Dr. David Pelcovitz to speak about child sex abuse. He is upset with Pelcovitz’s letter designed to reduce the prison sentence of Evan Zauder. This letter was first revealed and attacked by David Chefetz  two days ago (3/31/14) on Frum Follies.

David Morris posted Victims’ Advocate Defends Dangerous Perpetrator in which he dissects the letter Pelcovitz wrote. He offers up a thoughtful nuanced evaluation of the letter Dr. Pelcovitz wrote. I encourage readers to see his entire post. Here are a few of his key reactions.

Writing such a letter for a convicted and dangerous pedophile undermines Dr Pelcovitz’ well earned international reputation as Continue reading