Police Confirm Active Investigation of KJ Video of Principal Klein

Yesterday I posted the breaking news story, Satmar Anti-Abuse Activists Leak Video of a Principal Molesting a Boy to Force His Dismissal. I wrote:

A very  disturbing video** was leaked onto WhatsApp of a school principal abusing a pre-pubescent boy who appears to be about eight years old. The viral video was taken from a hidden camera planted in the ceiling of the office of the principal of the Satmar (Aron faction) lower school (cheder) in Kiryas Joel, NY (KJ). Rabbi Moshe Hirsch Klein, the principal, is seen seated with the boy forced between his legs and with body and pelvic motions suggestive of masturbation. He uses his hands to alternately caress the boy’s body and face, and to pull him back as he repeatedly tries to get away. At times he also seems to be kissing the boy on his lips. The boy is obviously upset. Thankfully, the boy’s face is not visible and his identity is not disclosed through this video.

At that time, anti-abuse activist, Boorey Deutsch, reported that the video of Rabbi Klein was leaked after they had presented it to the Orange County DA, who declined to prosecute. LOHUD now reports:

[Maj. Joseph Tripodo, commander of state police Troop F in Middletown] said police had the video before it began circulating on the Internet Monday but he would not say how long ago they began their investigation. He declined to discuss details of the tape or whether the principal has been questioned. He said “it hasn’t been determined” what exactly is happening in the video but that police are trying to have it enhanced as part of the investigation.

I find it interesting that only now are they bothering to enhance this poor quality video to help resolve some ambiguities. I suspect they threw in the towel on the first round because Hasidic abuse cases are tough to prosecute because most witnesses can be intimidated out of testifying. They may have also taken a pass because they know the Orange County DA is not too keen on Hasidic cases because they are a powerful block vote. Continue reading