Breaking- Berland Admits Forcible Rape of a Married Woman on Recording

800_r73zc9h8pkprpcfyjh4tzzu5f57ymhvs1Israel’s Mako news service posted a hetefore unrevealed old recording of Rabbi Eliezer Berland saying:

Totally, she was raped from beginning to end.

After, it she asked is it permitted, she asked after the first time I raped her if she is permitted to her husband [or whether she was an adulterous wife who had to be divorced].

Beyond any doubt she is permitted to her husband.

She did not understand what happened. She asked me, “What happened? What happened here?”

I told her, “You are not an adulterous wife; you are not an adulterous wife.” Continue reading


Rapist Mondrowitz Is Cozy In Jerusalem

Avrohom Mondrowitz Sabbath Shopping Fri 7-22-16 Jerusalem

Avrohom Mondrowitz

Thanks to the multiple failures of the Brooklyn District Attorney and the Israeli Courts, serial rapist Avrohom Mondrowitz evaded justice for raping boys in America.

In this picture you can see him on a Friday morning shopping jaunt in the Shuk Davidka area of Jerusalem sometime in July of this year (2016).

An Israeli source reacted sarcastically to this picture:

We all appreciate going to a store early, before it gets crowded. We especially appreciate it when child abusers who flee to Israel choose to do their erev shabbos shopping in our city. Continue reading

Malka Leifer’s Neighbors Suspect Her of Abuse and Neglect

Malka Leifer

Malka Leifer

The Age of Australia confirmed earlier reports that Malka Leifer moved to the small ultra-orthodox Israeli settlement town, Immanuel. She did this after her house arrest was lifted.

Leifer faces multiple felony charges of molesting teen girls in Australia but the Israel court has allowed her to evade extradition on the ground of mental illness. She dodged every single one of her hearings by conveniently checking herself into mental hospitals just before hearings and then checking out right after the hearing. Continue reading

Breaking- Extradition-Evading, Alleged Serial Child Molester Malka Leifer Now in Immanuel, Israel

Malka Leifer

Malka Leifer

Hannah Katsman, proprietor of the blog, A Mother in Israel, who occasionally blogs about sex abuse, wrote this morning (7/6/16) on FaceBook,

Just got word that Malka Leifer, a former high school principal facing 74 counts of sex abuse in Australia, has returned to live in the small [Haredi] settlement of Emanuel [aka עמנואל Immanuel]. She has not faced an extradition hearing in Israel because she has admitted herself into a psychiatric hospital in advance of each scheduled date.

Continue reading

Passaic’s Orthodox Rabbis Ban Child Molester Stefan Colmer from their Synagogues

Stefan Colmer 2016

Stefan Colmer

The following email was just sent out to members of a large orthodox synagogue in Passaic, NJ, a sizable orthodox Jewish Community.

From: R. Y. Eisenman <
Subject: Important
Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 10:02 PM

Please be aware that Stefan Colmer, whom I spoke publicly about a few years ago and who was subsequently arrested, convicted and imprisoned for sexually abusing minors, has moved back to his home on 38 John Street [Passaic, NJ].

Congregation Ahavas Israel, together with all the Shuls in the Passaic-Clifton area has prohibited him from entering our premises; he is also not allowed in any of the Yeshivas. Mr. Colmer’s picture and the details of his criminal record can be found here. Continue reading

Malka Leifer Is Evading Extradition and Is Freed from House Arrest

Malka Leifer

Malka Leifer

As police were closing in on this notorious molester of orthodox girls in Melbourne, her school board got her out of the country.

This   initiated a multi-year saga of justice denied now being played out in extradition process in Israel.

The downside of Theodore Herzl’s dream of a Jewish refuge is the sheltering of molesters who abscond justice in the diaspora.

Australia’s 9News reports: Continue reading

Mondrowitz Eludes Justice, For the Moment!

Two weeks ago Avrohom Mondorowitz got off the hook for being a child rapist. Not in the eyes of G-d or man but in the legal system. The Israeli Supreme Court declared he cannot be extradited to the US to be tried for outstanding charges When he was indicted in 1984 he fled to Israel. The Brooklyn DA, Elizabeth Holtzman tried to extradite him but failed because the existing US-Israel extradition treaty did not cover rape of boys, just girls and women. The treaty was changed three years ago to cover all crimes which carried a sentence of one or more years. This happened after Holtzman left office. Her successor Charles Hynes was slow in pursuing the matter. Continue reading