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Rubashkin Knew About His Illegal Immigrant Problems Long Before the Raid

Shmarya Rosenberg has posted more documents on his blog, Failed Messiah, establishing that

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Panic Spreads in Rabbinic Circles Over Failed Messiah’s Purchase of Vos Iz Neias (SATIRE)

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Newest Report on Leib Tropper, Sex Abuser

Shmarya Rosenberg, the Failed Messiah blogger, has posted the most substantive report to date on the nature of Rabbi Leib Tropper’s misconduct. R. Tropper has recently resigned as head of Eternal Jewish Family.

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Rabbi Besdin, Part I was edited on Nov 1 to eliminate the specific calls for action. They will reappear later in the series The Besdin Buzz Boro Park was buzzing on Friday morning. “Rabbi Besdin is right.” “Besdin is hockfleish (hamburger).” … Continue reading

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Why I Created Frum Follies, Who I am, and What You Can Contribute

This blog exists to say out loud what many believe; a lot of narishkeit is passing itself off as frumkeit. Hence the name frumfollies. I am not saying frumkeit is folly. I want to expose hypocritical frumkeit which is used to cover up folly. Continue reading

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