Rabbi Besdin, Part I was edited on Nov 1 to eliminate the specific calls for action. They will reappear later in the series

The Besdin Buzz

Boro Park was buzzing on Friday morning. “Rabbi Besdin is right.” “Besdin is hockfleish (hamburger).” “Besdin is a liar, did you hear that there is a ban on relying on him. He made the speech to look good because he was going to be exposed.” Nebich, he is mentally ill, always was, but now it is getting worse.” No, he is tzadik, one of the few that never did any favors for anyone.” “Nah he was just another rebbe who hung out a shingle and had to use amaratzim to get enough hassidim to pay for his shul.” “Honest, if he was honest he would have  more people who learn full time- he just wants balabatim who can give him money.” “When something happened to the daughter of my neighbor he was the only one who made sure the camp fired the head counselor. He also made sure he didnt do it somewhere else by having him sell insurance.”   “It was very convenient that those who gave him smichah were already dead.” “So if this was true why didn’t anyone say anything until after he gave the speech last night.” “Come on,  he was trusted by everyone.” “Remember when there was fight between two halves of the divishnitzinzwei hassidim and a group of Goyim. The Goyim suggested him and the two hassidic groups immediately agreed. Amazingly that is the only agreement with those two that is still in place.” “How come he never shows any special lomdus in his drashas.” “I will tell you why. For the same reason the early rebbes told stories. Because a story seems simple, but from a holy rebbe it has the very sod (hidden profound knowledge) of the Kaballah.  “I agree. Anyone can drei around pshat to make it complicated. It takes a chacham to make complicated things simple.” Continue reading