Sex Abusing Rabbi Dovid Weinberger is back in the Five Towns

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

Dovid Weinberger

Dovid Weinberger recently moved back into West Lawrence some two years after his abrupt departure from his position as rabbi of Congregation Shaaray Tefila in Lawrence, NY.

He quit in the wake of revelations that he was sexually exploiting women who sought his help for various kinds of counseling including marital counseling.

According to local sources some of the same rabbis who forced him to agree to quit the rabbinate, and publicly denounced him, are now divided about whether to advise their communities publicly.

In December 2013 he promised to stay totally out of the rabbinate when he signed the following statement:

To whom it may concern, I Rabbi Dovid Weinberger, formerly the Rabbi of Cong. Shaarei Tefilla of Lawrence, NY, do hereby acknowledge that I will retire from the Rabbinate effective immediately, and will never again serve in the capacity of Rov or Rabbi of any congregation or community, nor will I ever again be involved as a mechanech [teacher] in any venue of Chinuch [education]. Continue reading

Five Towns Angry at Belsky Over His Defense of Disgraced Rabbi Weinberger

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

As I reported on 2/27/14, rabbis in New York’s Five Towns and Far Rockaway (5T/FR) took the unprecedented step of collectively denouncing a long-time, local colleague, Rabbi Dovid Weinberger, as unfit to work in the rabbinate because of his sexual misconduct with girls and women. Around early February most of them denounced Weinberger from their pulpits in a declaration which included the following language: Continue reading

Questions for Ohel About Sex Abuse When They Speak in the 5 Towns Tonight

Tonight, at 8:15, Barry Horowitz of Ohel Childrens’s Home will be talking at Aish Kodesh in Woodmere at 8:15  on “Keeping our Children Safe: Summer Vacation and Beyond” in the 5 Towns. He will be introduced  as an expert on child abuse. However there are problems. But as I have written before, when it comes to sex abuse Ohel is a “leaky tent”.

Ohel has had this event in Brooklyn (in Yeshiva Torah Tmima),  Baltimore, Passaic and Lakewood.  At each event, they do not make mention of any law enforcement, crime prevention professionals such as child protective services or the police.  This is itself criminal.
They have also given parents advice such as the following:  “Don’t look into shadows and be too over vigilant”.  “Go to rabbanim if you susupect abuse.”  and “the vast majority of children who are molested are not affected very much.”
Although usually, Ohel events are very choreographed and questions and comments from the audience must be written down and “chosen” by the speaker, it would still be great if many of us would show up and try to get our message out there.  We can hand out fliers with the information of what parents REALLY need to do.
And we can write or stand up and ask as many of the following questions as possible.  I would suggest standing up and introducing yourself as a survivor of abuse, a relative or friend of a survivor of abuse, or a concerned parent.  Then pick from one of the following questions (you can print them out).  I have tried to ask probing but not attacking questions.  If you feel there is a more diplomatic way of bringing up these points, feel free obviously to use your own language:
1. If I suspect someone in my neighborhood is molesting children and I want to protect my children, is there somebody I should call to stop him?  And this question should go to Rabbi Weinberger:   Do I need to ask a rabbi before calling the police?
2. Is there anyway I can be sure that my child’s camp and school is a safe place?  Are there any policies I should look for? Continue reading