Open Letter from Deputy D.A. Benny Forer Addressing Manis Friedman

This is reposted with the kind permission of  Jewish Community watch

(Benny Forer is a veteran criminal prosecutor with experience prosecuting cases ranging from narcotics offenses to gang murders to complex white collar crime. Currently, as a member of the prestigious High-Tech Crimes Unit, his job focuses on complex technologically based crimes. Additionally, he is an experienced lecturer, lecturing on matters pertaining to being a District Attorney. Topics include: criminal justice, criminal procedure, privacy concerns, constitutional issues, sex crimes, complex fraud and white collar offenses.)

January 29, 2013                                                                                           תשע’ג ,שבט  ח’י

Rabbi Manis Friedman

Dear Rabbi Friedman,

I am writing to you today as a professional in my specific field, to protest your recent video discussing child molesters and the effects of child-molestation. While I am sure you have received countless letters, emails, telephone calls and other correspondence protesting your ignorant view, I am nevertheless writing to continue to express the disgust I have for your comments.

I am a frum, Lubavitch, Oholie-Torah-educated member of our collective society. I also happen to be one of the only District Attorney’s in the United States who is all the above. Continue reading

Why I Admire Rabbi Manis Friedman (SATIRE) by Asher Lovy

Rabbi Manis Friedman’s comments have provoked an Internet furor and he has conveniently deleted the YouTube Video in which he says, child sexual abuse does not damage its victims and the ones who later complain are making too much of it. His comments defy rational response but are bait for satirists (Yerachmiel Lopin) Continue reading

Worthwhile Review of a New Book About the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Allan Nadler has written an informative review of Samuel Heilman and Menachem Friedman’s The Rebbe: The Life and Afterlife of Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

The review, like the book, will no doubt infuriate chabadniks and delight their critics. Rather than rehash a review and a book that should both be read I will just say that the authors and the reviewers assert that  Menachem Mendel Schneerson was very far from being chasidish while in Berlin and Paris. He appears to have been closest to relatives who were not religious. When he came to the US he realized that he would not be able to pursue his career ambition of becoming an engineer. He also was profoundly affected by the holocaust.

Equally clear is the Messianism during his life and the pervasiveness of meshichism after he died.