There Are No Warnings when Sex Offenders Move From Israel but We Can Fix That

scales of justice and childSex offenders, like smugglers, take advantage of borders to avoid paying for their crimes. Sometimes they hop borders one step ahead of the cops. Israel, unfortunately is a popular destination for our miscreants.

But there is also a reverse flow where Israel’s flotsam washes up on America’s shores. Local communities are often clueless. This is true, even if there was a conviction in Israel because Israel does not have a public sex offender registry.

Let’s say Shlomo Shimon Ben-David gets convicted for molesting a neighbor’s child in Israel. He serves his time and then heads off to the United States. For good measure he starts using his middle name, Shimon, or perhaps, Simon, and becomes an accepted member of his new community and volunteers with a youth group. No one is the wiser about his past history.

Don’t start saying there ought to be a law to deal with the problem. There is a law: the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA). If offenders move, start work, or start school in a new state they have to register within three days or can be sentenced to a year. SORNA’s regulations also apply to foreign convictions (IV-B).

Mr. Ben-David should register himself within 3 days of arriving in the the US. But he probably won’t register, even if he knows the law. He has nothing to fear. After all, how will the local jurisdiction even know he has an Israeli conviction. As far as I can tell, local registry enforcers don’t even try to deal with this problem.

Six months ago, on Feb. 8, 2016, President Obama signed a law designed to deal with some of those problems. The bill requires child sex offenders to notify their registry office of their plans to travel abroad. The US government is supposed to transmit  this information to foreign countries and where appropriate, to  INTERPOL. The law also requires the US State Department to mark offender’s passports with indications of their child sex offender status.

Under the International Megan’s Law (HR 4573; 113th Congress, 2nd session) the US government should Continue reading


Rapist Mondrowitz Is Cozy In Jerusalem

Avrohom Mondrowitz Sabbath Shopping Fri 7-22-16 Jerusalem

Avrohom Mondrowitz

Thanks to the multiple failures of the Brooklyn District Attorney and the Israeli Courts, serial rapist Avrohom Mondrowitz evaded justice for raping boys in America.

In this picture you can see him on a Friday morning shopping jaunt in the Shuk Davidka area of Jerusalem sometime in July of this year (2016).

An Israeli source reacted sarcastically to this picture:

We all appreciate going to a store early, before it gets crowded. We especially appreciate it when child abusers who flee to Israel choose to do their erev shabbos shopping in our city. Continue reading

Malka Leifer’s Neighbors Suspect Her of Abuse and Neglect

Malka Leifer

Malka Leifer

The Age of Australia confirmed earlier reports that Malka Leifer moved to the small ultra-orthodox Israeli settlement town, Immanuel. She did this after her house arrest was lifted.

Leifer faces multiple felony charges of molesting teen girls in Australia but the Israel court has allowed her to evade extradition on the ground of mental illness. She dodged every single one of her hearings by conveniently checking herself into mental hospitals just before hearings and then checking out right after the hearing. Continue reading

Breaking- Extradition-Evading, Alleged Serial Child Molester Malka Leifer Now in Immanuel, Israel

Malka Leifer

Malka Leifer

Hannah Katsman, proprietor of the blog, A Mother in Israel, who occasionally blogs about sex abuse, wrote this morning (7/6/16) on FaceBook,

Just got word that Malka Leifer, a former high school principal facing 74 counts of sex abuse in Australia, has returned to live in the small [Haredi] settlement of Emanuel [aka עמנואל Immanuel]. She has not faced an extradition hearing in Israel because she has admitted herself into a psychiatric hospital in advance of each scheduled date.

Continue reading

Beware of Child Molester Yona (Jason) Weinberg in Har Nof, Jerusalem

Yona Weinberg 3 at 2009 trialYona (Jason) Weinberg was convicted in June 2009 of 8 counts of sex crimes against two 13-year-old boys and was sentenced and served up to 13 months in local prison. At the time he was a social worker and also worked as a bar mitzvah tutor.

Weinberg is a registered sex offender under the New York State Sex Offender Registration Act.  Weinberg is assessed by the NY Criminal Justice Services as Risk Level 3, which is the highest level and means: “high risk of repeat offense and a threat to public safety exists”.

Weinberg, lived in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood until he left the US in September 2014,  months after further similar complaints were filed against him with the NYPD. A slow response by the Brooklyn DA and the NYPD gave him the time to flee. Since the current charges are misdemeanors, at present there is no likelihood of extradition. His MO includes grooming by asking kids to touch his clothing to measure it and physical violence against kids to intimidate them into retracting charges.

To the best of our knowledge, He currently resides with his wife and family in Har Nof, Jerusalem. Continue reading

Call Magen or Police About Harassment or Abuse in Seminaries!

Magen IconMagen is an independent, non-profit, victims advocacy organization in Israel. Magen’s English-speaking staff are well acquainted with the seminaries culture. Magen is now working to assemble information about abuse of students at seminaries, in order to:

  • Advocate for and provide support to past victims
  • Develop  safety protocols & programs for seminaries to protect students in the future.

Magen has opened a file about the Meisels seminaries (in addition to others) and have already begun speaking to people who attended those seminaries.  Any information you could share might help them better protect students.

Information provided could also help support prosecution of abuse crimes. Continue reading

The IBD Changes the Rules So They Still Won’t Find Fault

judicial railroadingThe 3 Israeli Rabbis (3IRs) of the Israeli Beis Din (IBD) have now changed the rules to duck the criticism that they stacked their earlier sessions. At one of those sessions they exonerated all the staff in the Meisels seminaries of any complicity in his sexual abuse of students. Yet they accepted Chicago’s finding that Meisels was guilty of multiple instances of “unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature.” Like Yankie Yarmush, the asbestos abatement businessman, they were trying to enclose and contain the damage.

They were hell-bent on protecting the good name of the seminaries so they interrogated the alleged culprits without any testimony of victims or others. Instead they relied on a guardian/representative (apitropos), Rabbi Aharon Feldman (RAF), even though no one has ever offered written proof that any witnesses delegated him. RAF, by his own admission, never spoke to any complaining students from the seminaries. RAF was even excused from attending a good part of the session. Back then they had no trouble relying on loosey-goosey procedures for “representing” witnesses.

Thanks to all the leaks, especially by Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn, their bizarre misconduct has been exposed. The IBD is now sending a totally different message to potential witnesses. We will hear you if you show up in Israel. No agents, no phone calls, no letters, no signed affidavits, no submitted videos, no Skype, no independent investigators, no preliminary work. Nothing will satisfy us unless you shlep to Israel on our terms to face a line-up of three hostile dayanim (judges) and the multiple toanim (jewish law representatives) chosen by each of the accused. This is the ultimate set-up. Continue reading