Israeli Kosher Cell Phones Block Calls to Resources for Sex Abuse Victims

Yediot Achronot reported today (4-11-19) on kosher cell phones which deliberately block calls to centers for sex abuse survivors. It came to light because this practice is being challenged in court in Israel.

The “kosher phones” are serviced by telecom companies who accept the stipulations of the ועדת הרבנים לענייני תקשורת (The Rabbinical Committee for Communication Matters). See this Wikipedia article in Hebrew (which is pretty clear if you then use Google Tranlate) for more information on the restrictions embedded in these phone accounts and the ways in which Haredim are pressured into accepting them.

Update (8/4/19) Read about the monopoly control of the Israeli “kosher phone” market. It also involves Ger and Litzman, arch corruptors of the Israeli penal and justice system to defend Haredi sex offenders.