Matisyahu Salomon Subpoenaed: Accused of Manipulating a Child in a Custody Case

Matisyahu Solomon

Matisyahu Solomon

Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon is accused in court papers of counseling an eleven-year-old girl to deliberately be hostile to her mother as a way of manipulating a custody dispute between her parents.

Salomon is the mashgiach (spiritual advisor) at the large Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ since 1998. Before that he was masgiach in Gateshead, England, which is where he grew up.

Papers filed in Queens County Family Court accuse Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon of “assisting” a father in “wrongful attempts to alienate the daughter… from the mother.”

The mother submitted a motion to have the court issue “an Order of Protection directing Matisyahu Salomon… from having any contact with” the daughter.” There is a hearing on the motion on Thursday, July 16, 2015. Matisyahu Salomon has been subpoenaed to appear at that hearing.

As evidence for this contention, the motion includes a transcript of a conversation the daughter had with an outside party (and attaches the actual recording file). The eleven-year-old girl said:

I went to Reb Matisyahu [Salomon]… He told me there is no way to do it without a fight… He told me you can’t think about breaking people’s heart… There is no way to do it without court… He spoke to my father and he talked to me… He [my father] knows… He told me to do this… I have to do this myself… He told me I should talk to her and not speak nicely. He told me I should stop talking nicely. I should scream and be like that.

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How the Rabbis In Chelm Solved the Problem of the Stolen Money

My Friends, this is fiction. Any resemblance between Chelm and Kelm/Lakewood or between Yosef in the story and Yosef Kolko is intentional. I first posted this story 7/8/13. But it came to mind again because Reb Yisroel of this story reappeared recently in the Five Towns with the same chochmos.

Meir Baal Hanais Chaluka Box Jewish Encyclopedia 1906Once upon a time in Chelm, Reuven, Shimon and Dina were students in a yeshiva who were given pushkas (charity boxes) to collect for Tomchei Shabbos (sabbath food). The pushkas had locks on the bottom. The only ones who had the keys were the teachers who were gabaoim (treasurers) for Tomchei Shabbos.

Nevertheless, a Reb Yosef  (Joseph) in one Yeshiva kept taking money out of Reuven’s Tzedakah box. When the story came out, Reb Yosef said, “I didn’t do it.” Eventually he had a new story.

Modeh ani. I did take the money from Reuven’s pushkah, but you should know he is no ordinary boy. He sat in my car and opened the bottom of his pushkah because he is no ordinary boy. He is a boy who desires nothing more than to have grownups steal from his pushkah. He has a magical way of opening his pushkah in front of you while you are driving a car and making the contents irresistible. He seduced me. Continue reading

If Zimri Lived in Lakewood He Would Have Been Treated Like Kolko

Rabbi Mordechai Betzalel Klein of Lakewood issued a pidyon shvuyim appeal on behalf of Yosef Kolko. He doesn’t actually name Kolko who is serving a 15-year sentence for molesting a teen boy, but the phone number in the notice belongs to Kolko’s parents. He refers to Kolko as “innocent.” I actually prefer Zimri who was not a hypocrite and was quite open about his sexual misconduct. This brings to mind Continue reading

Stalking the Stocking: The Lakewood Lingerie Law (SATIRE)

Stockings old ladyI first posted Stalking the Stocking four years ago (11/3/2009). But some things don’t change. Lakewood is still obsessing about stockings and ignoring or covering up for those who sexually assault children.

A while ago Frum Satire announced the establishment of the CRI, the Chumrah Research Institute. While they have not announced any graduations, their alumni are hard at work. Lakewood was the beneficiary of one of their obvious talents. Working in conjunction with the leaders of Beis Medrish Gavohah of Lakewood, the institution founded by Aaron Kotler zatzal, their efforts  have culminated in a great advance in torah standards for our wanton generation.

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