MarcGafni Sued for Sexually Assaulting Girl When She Was 13 and He was 19

I am dispensing with the word alleged since he admitted sexual activity with her but dismissed it as ““She was 14 going on 35, and I never forced her.” However, there is no such thing as consent between a minor and an adult. Sara Kabakov (who has chosen to reveal her identity) describes a very non-consensual series of assaults on many occasions  in her lawsuit.

Gafni, whose name at the time was Mordechai Winiarz,  had access to Sara because he was her family’s houseguest on Sabbaths when he came down from Yeshiva University where he was a rabbinical student to do youth work at the Lincoln Square Synagogue on the west side of Manhattan, miles from the uptown campus of Yeshiva University.

Yeshiva University is being sued along with Gafni himself.

The New York Post reported the lawsuit yesterday (3/4/20).

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The Sauna Rabbi Is Now a Spiritual and Psychological Counselor

Jonathan Rosenblatt

Jonathan Rosenblatt

Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt, advertises himself as someone who provides “Spiritual and Psychological Counseling.” This is on the site of Scarsdale Integrative Medicine whose motto is “East and West Medicine for the Balance of Your Life.”

The good news is he is out of the rabbinate where he regularly exploited nude sauna and shower situations to “mentor” and “counsel” minors and young men while simultaneously gazing and displaying himself. Hopefully, the Scarsdale Center does not have a sauna.
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