Magen is the Best Way to Give Money to Fight Child Sex Abuse in Israel

I only solicit donations for three organizations fighting sex abuse, Zaakah in the US, Migdal Emunah in the UK, and Magen in Israel. No other organization in Israel works on all fronts to fight sex abuse from providing services, facilitating action by police, protective services and others, and exposing the problem.

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Call Magen or Police About Harassment or Abuse in Seminaries!

Magen IconMagen is an independent, non-profit, victims advocacy organization in Israel. Magen’s English-speaking staff are well acquainted with the seminaries culture. Magen is now working to assemble information about abuse of students at seminaries, in order to:

  • Advocate for and provide support to past victims
  • Develop  safety protocols & programs for seminaries to protect students in the future.

Magen has opened a file about the Meisels seminaries (in addition to others) and have already begun speaking to people who attended those seminaries.  Any information you could share might help them better protect students.

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