I Can’t Come Forward and Share the Truth Because You Refuse to Listen

Guest Post by Yosef Bronshtein*

* Since this was first posted under the pseudonym, Yosef Bronshtein, in January 2013, the author has chosen to reveal his real name, Asher Lovy. Asher has posted several other articles with his real name on Frum Follies and now has his own blog, (Yerachmiel Lopin, August 20, 2015). 

I write publicly about abuse using my real name. Thousands of people have seen parts of my story, whether online or in print under my real name. *This piece I’m writing anonymously because this is something I cannot come forward about publicly. I’m scared. I never think about this. And when I do I generally fall apart. The abuse people have seen me write about publicly has always been physical, or emotional. But I was sexually abused as well, by my mother, no less. I can’t ever tell anyone about it, they would never understand.

I’m the dirty one. It was all, my fault because Continue reading