Was Nechemya Weberman’s 103-Year Sentence Too Long?

Yesterday, Judge John G. Ingram handed Nechemya Weberman a 103-year sentence for his 59 counts of molesting a girl. Based on the impressions of experienced attorneys, I predicted 20-25 years. Even if the sentence is reduced on appeal to 45-50 years, as predicted by the District Attorney at his press conference, this is a life sentence. Even allowing for fifteen percent off for good behavior, 53-year-old Weberman will be in jail till he is ninety-one, or more likely, till the cheverah kadishah (burial society) comes to fetch him.

It didn’t have to end this way. Downtown Brooklyn’s courthouse is a discount center. Weberman could have pleaded guilty and gotten off with a five-year sentence. If he had taken the deal two years ago when he was first charged he could have walked out of jail three years from now. He could have spared the victim and her family pain, intimidation and major financial losses. But Weberman in his arrogance went for broke and ended up paying retail.

Even the retail price for pleading guilty didn’t have to be this high, but Weberman and his supporters angered the DA and the judge with tactics including bribery, intimidation, violations of courtroom decorum and absurdly dishonest witnesses on the stand. Weberman and Satmar tested the limits of chutzpah and came up short.

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Nechemya Weberman Sentencing Is Today, Tues Jan 22, 9:30

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