Demonstrate Against Agudah’s Protection of Child Molesters this Sunday (7/23) at 3 pm against Novominsker Rebbe

Novominsker Rebbe

Novominsker Rebbe – Yaakov Perlow

I urge all my readers to become part of this demonstration in front of the Boro Park beis medrish of the Novominsker Rebbe, head of Agudath Israel of America’s Council of Sages (aka Moetzes), @ 1644 48th St., Brooklyn, NY at 3 pm, Sunday July 23.

The target of this demonstration, Rabbi Yaakov Perlow, the Noveminsker Rebbe, and head of Agudath Israel of America, is personally culpable for protecting abusers from criminal prosecutions. He even helped keep “Rabbi” Yehuda Kolko on as a teacher in spite of his known record of abusing yeshiva boys for 30 years. He did it in spite of pleas for involvement by the late Rabbi Avigdor Miller, an extremely important Haredi leader. Continue reading


Agudah on Pedophilia: Too Little, Too Late!

This post first went up on Frum Follies after the Nov, 2010 Agudah Convention. Because some things don’t change, it is still pertinent to the Agudah Convention starting tonight. It seems they will once again focus on the evils of blogs and the internet instead of focusing on the real evils plaguing the community, including child abuse. They will probably kvetch about the evil mass media that made Satmar and by extension, other orthodox Jews look bad by their reporting of the Weberman trial. They will definitely not attack Satmar  or AMI Magazine’s Frankfurter for causing the greatest chilul hashem of our generation by defending Weberman, a man, who I believe, violated hundreds of Jewish girls. Their program is here.

Also see my satirical “Moetzes Gedolim Speak about Znus Affecting Children.” It is the howler with which I started Frum Follies over 3 years ago.  Continue reading

Agudah on Pedophilia: Too Little, Too Late!

I am a non-partisan critic of Jewish organizations. I will go after any group that enables child abuse. In my last post I revealed Satmar’s sad history in the case of Yisroel Moshe (Israel) Weingarten.  Today I want to talk about Agudath Israel of America. They think of themselves as the voice of torah-true Jewry. Yet they are guilty of collusion with the ongoing epidemic of sexual abuse of children by frum Jews. They can hurl thunderbolts to confront a modern orthodox rabbi who ordains one woman. They can mobilize their masses for rachmonis on Martin Grossman, a vicious Jewish murderer. But suddenly they loose their oomph and speak bikol dmamah dakah when it comes to child molesting (unless of course the offender is a goy).

After being confronted by protesters two years ago at their convention they made noises about their willingness to confront the issue. A year ago, their lay leader, Rabbi Dovid Zweibel, Esq. used their convention to speak with passion about their dawning realization about the problem and their commitment to find a way to respond.  This year they unveiled their response. It took the form of high profile speech by the head of their Moetzes, the Novominsker Rebbe (Rabbi Yaakov Perlow). At their annual convention over Thanksgiving weekend, Rabbi Perlow devoted over 12 minutes to the issue. Below are his words, followed by my reactions. Continue reading