60 Days for 4 Youth Victims, 24 Sex Felonies & 52 Misdemeanors

The New York Daily News, reported: “EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn rabbi charged with teen sex assault gets 60 days in jail; DA ripped for offering light plea deal.”

While Rabbi Yoel Malik pled guilty to a single misdemeanor count of Sexual Misconduct, Oral/Anal Conduct (NYS PL 130.20.02) his charge sheet included another 52 misdemeanor counts and 24 felony counts of sex crimes with minors which the record shows the DA and the defendant agreed to have covered by the single misdemeanor plea.There were additional felony and misdemeanor charges that were dropped.

I get plea deal bargaining. They spare the victims the ordeal of a trial, save prosecution resources, and eliminate the risk of an acquittal. But an average of 2 days per felony sex crime? That was no deal; it was a giveaway, a travesty. The victims and justice were bamboozled and the public was endangered. Continue reading

Leiby Frankel of KJ Charged with Forcible Touching of a Child

Leiby Frankel

Leiby Frankel

Leiby Frankel, a Satmar Hasid who lives in Monroe was charged with forcible touching of child.

For footage of him scurrying from the cameras go to Nuchum Rosenberg’s blog and page down a few screens to a News 12 video.

The incident allegedly happened before Passover in Monroe Health,  a health food store where Leiby works as a driver. Continue reading

Schnitzler Expressed No Remorse Over Bleach Assault in Pre-Sentencing Letter

Meilech Schnitzler

Meilech Schnitzler

Meilech Schnitzler got the deal of a lifetime. He assaulted Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg by throwing a cup of bleach into his eyes. But for helpful bystanders who helped douse Rosenberg’s face with water, Rosenberg might be blind. Schnitzler got off without spending a day in jail, even though he pleaded guilty. At his sentencing today (6/18/14), According to DNAInfo, Judge Joseph Gubbay said

He didn’t “see remorse” in the man’s confession letter.

“Were you sorry?” Judge Joseph E. Gubbay asked Meilech Schnitzler, who nearly blinded Rabbi Numech Rosenberg in December 2012 when he hurled a cup of bleach into his face in what Rosenberg called an attempt to silence him from defending sex-assault victims in the Orthodox community. “The facts are very Continue reading

Breaking- Nuchem Rosenberg Curtailed By Judge in Lashing Out at DA for No-Jail Deal for His Bleach Assailant

Today (6/18/14) was the sentencing of Meilech Schnitzler for throwing bleach into Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg’s face and almost blinding him. In return for his guilty plea, the office of the DA allowed Schnitzler off without a single day in jail.

Below is the prepared text of Rabbi Rosenberg’s Victim Impact Statement delivered this morning. Rabbi Rosenberg was not allowed to share the entire contents of this statement.

Judge Joseph Gubbay restricted some of the text relating to the issue of sex abuse and the impact of this attack and plea deal on the community. Judge Gubay missed the fact that this attack sent shock waves through the community of anti-abuse activists. It signaled that even as we won a conviction for Weberman, others would attack activists with impunity. The no-jail plea bargain confirmed that fear. I fully expect a celebration for Schnitzler in Williamsburg.

Rabbi Nuchem rosenberg, Abe George

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, ADA Abe George who represented Rosenberg before he joined the DA’s office

Your Honor,

Good Morning.

My legal name is Nathan Rosenberg but I am known in Hasidic Williamsburg as Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg.

Defendant Meilech Schnitzler, with premeditation, threw a cup of bleach in my face and almost blinded me.

For over nine years I have publicly fought for protecting my community’s children from sexual abuse. I operate a Yiddish language hotline with recorded weekly lectures about how to prevent and prosecute child molestation. My hotline draws several thousand listeners each week from all over the world.

Nechemya Weberman in Kings County Supreme Court on 3-25-11 (photo credit Joseph Diangello)

Nechemya Weberman in Kings County Supreme Court on 3-25-11 (photo credit Joseph Diangello)

My assault was not a random event and its timing was not an accident. Schnitzler threw that cup of bleach into my face one day after the fifty-nine-count jury conviction of a Satmar Hasid, Rabbi Nechemya Weberman, for sexually assaulting a girl for two and half years, starting when she was twelve. I supported the victim who testified against Weberman, something that made me very unpopular in my Hasidic community.

In spite of what the defendant’s attorney [Israel Fried] claimed in an interview with the New York Times, his attack did not grow out of a heated exchange between me and Schnitzler.

On the day of the attack, I was walking in Williamsburg when Schnitzler saw me from the other side of the street. Holding a cup of bleach he ran across four lanes of busy traffic, tapped me on my shoulder, and when I turned around, tossed the bleach into my face.

The attack was premeditated. Why else would the defendant have pleaded guilty to the D Felony of “Intent to cause physical injury with a weapon?”

These facts were part of the grand jury testimony of Continue reading

Nuchem Rosenberg Has an Accessible Blog

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg is one of the most dedicated advocates for victims of sex abuse in the frum world. One or more times a week he records long Yiddish drashas naming pedophiles, calling for actions and educating the community. He works with victims and the police, and he regularly exerts influence on organizations to fire molesters and institute better practices. Continue reading