Agudah Follows the Romans For the Same Dirty Reasons

Zweibel and Cardinal

David Zweibel of Agudah and Cardinal Dolan

Only two important groups stand in the way of strengthening legislation against child sex abusers in New York State: the Roman Catholic Church and its pipsqueak partner, Agudath Israel of America (aka Agudah).

Both groups decry sexual immorality, preach protection of the weak, and rhapsodize about their children. Yet they both have long, ugly histories of helping their molesters escape prosecution and financial reparations.

In 2010, Governor Andrew Cuomo badly wanted to legalize gay marriage in NYS. As always, the obstacle was the lobbying of the RCC and Agudah. So he cut a deal with them. They would denounce the act but not pressure legislators. In return they got his off-the-record promise not to extend the statute of limitations for child sex abuse. Instead, NYS would continue to have one of the shortest SOL’s in the US, requiring survivors to file criminal and civil complaints before their 23rd birthday. Continue reading


Cuomo’s Rapidly Changing Stance on SOL Reform

scales of justice and childThis morning’s (5/19/16) New York Daily News ran a headline, “Gov. Cuomo will push law allowing child-abuse victims to seek justice as adults.” The URL tells a different story about his position when they first created the article: “” Its seems the spirits have moved the governor to a new public stance. Continue reading

QOTD: Institutions Exaggerate the Impact of SOL Extensions

In a copy of her testimony, provided to the Forward ahead of the hearing, [Yeshiva University Professor of Law, Marci V.] Hamilton said civil litigation in the United States has led to only two bankruptcies, both voluntary and intended “to protect assets and avoid trials that would have revealed the Roman Catholic bishop’s secrets regarding their role in endangering children.” Continue reading

Markey Bill Dies in Committee

The proposed bill to extend the statute of limitations for civil lawsuits in New York State sex abuse cases was defeated in the Senate Codes Committee 9-6. All seven Republicans  and two of the nine Democrats voted no.

Sadly, this is progress. According to Assemblywoman Margaret Markey: “Our bill has never even come to a vote before in the Senate. So we feel this was an important step.”

The ultra orthodox Jewish leadership in cahoots with the Catholic Church orchestrated the opposition. For good reason they are afraid of having past misdeeds exposed and having to accept financial responsibility for the healing of victims.

Help Stop Child Molesting by Contacting Your NYS Legislator

Joel Engelman sent to me this message. He urges anyone concerned about sex abuse to support the  drive to extend the statute of limitations. I agree. The only way we will change the present culture is by flushing out all the old molesters. Most kids, especially frum kids, do not report molesting when it happens. By giving them more time as adults to report their abusers we all benefit by having the long time abusers detected and stopped. Readers, please read the call below and act on it! Continue reading