Breaking- Krawatskys Suing Parents, Activist, and Journalists in MD Courts

Maryland court records show that that Rabbi Shmuel (Stephen) Krawatsky and his wife are again suing  for defamation against those making or reporting allegations that Krawatsky (aka Rabbi K) sexually abused children in Camp Shoresh. The suit was filed on 10/16/18. The suit names two sets of parents who each allege that their son was sexually abused by Rabbi K. The Krawatskys are also suing  activist Chaim Levin, the Jewish Week (JW) which reported on the allegations, and the reporter who wrote the JW story, Hannah Dreyfus.  Continue reading


Job Openings at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School- SATIRE

The Beth Tfiloh (BT) Dahan Community School seeks qualified applicants for the following four positions.

MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER OF JEWISH STUDIES with no confirmed reports of child sexual abuse that can be reported in newspapers. No need to worry about actions of other organizations like the Orthodox Union of Jewish Congregations of America (OU) as long as we can claim never to have heard them. Besides our competitive pay and benefits package, employees unfairly charged can count on the school to secure funding for legal costs which will bludgeon false accusers into submission Continue reading

They Relied on the Wrong Test for Whether Krawatsky Is a Pedophile


You don’t ask someone if he is a pedophile and expect an honest answer. Pedophiles molest in secret. Their inclination is shameful. If they have been molesting for years, they have gotten quite good at having a secret life alongside their respectable public life.

If you want to know, you hook up his genitals to sensors and record his responses to different sexual stimuli. That is the crude description. But in forensic psychology there is a fancy term: Penile Plethysmography (PPG). Continue reading