YU Sued over Alleged Sex Abuse of George Finkelstein, Macy Gordon, Richard Andron, and Marc Gafni

Over the last 2 weeks Yeshiva University (YU) was hit with two lawsuits made possible by the Child Victims Act which eliminates any Statute of Limitations on lawsuits over Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). Governor Cuomo signed the law on Feb 14, 2019 which included a one year lookback window to cover cases which were previously not legally actionable by victims who were over twenty-two-years old.

One suit involved male victims which was previously dismissed because of the prior short SOL. The revived lawsuit has 5 named victims and 33 John Does and is being reported on by the New York Jewish Week, JTA, the NY Post and others.

Thus far, attention has not been paid by media to another lawsuit naming Yeshiva University and the notorious Marc Gafni (aka Mordechai Winiarz) for abuse by Gafni while he worked for a YU’s Jewish Public School Youth Program. The plaintiff, “Jane Doe” alleges Continue reading