How Meisels Recruited — Guest Post

Elimelech Meisels

Elimelech Meisels

The blogger “Many Tears Ago” posted Escaping Peninim which she has graciously allowed me to re-post. Many have questioned whether Meisels was also using his recruitment to further his abuse of girls as alleged in the RICO component of the court filings by parents seeking the return of their tuition deposits. Read this and decide for yourselves. I have heard similar stories about other students during the recruitment process.

Escaping Peninim

This is the story of a gorgeous Bais Yaakov girl who got accepted to Peninim seminary.

Oh, but then she got accepted to a seminary with a far better reputation. So she notified Rabbi Meisels of Peninim that she would not be attending. And he blew up! He called her school, her parents, her aunts, uncles, neighbors, and family Rabbonim attempting to convince them that Peninim was the best seminary for her in the hopes that they would reach out to her. When that did not work, he threatened her and her family that she would never get married. He threatened her younger sister’s chances of getting into seminary and getting shidduchim. Continue reading