Lebovits Released from Prison After Only Serving 15 Months of a 24 Month Sentence

Baruch Lebovits mugshot for sex offender registry 9-29-14Baruch Lebovits got out of jail yesterday (9/29/14), just 83 days after he started his most recent stint after sentencing on a plea bargain (7/9/14). He pled guilty to eight E felony counts (PL 130.40.2) of oral sex with a minor (aka “deviate sexual intercourse”) and he is on the sex offender registry.

Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson crafted this insult to orthodox Jewish survivors in the spring, but now we feel the final sting of his whip. Lebovits’ fine cantorial voice will piously intone about repentance on Yom Kippur while he remains an unrepentant sinner. He  never even apologized to the victim who pressed charges, let alone the hundreds of other boys he sexually exploited.

Baruch Lebovits

Baruch Lebovits

Anyone with a rudimentary Jewish upbringing knows that Yom Kippur does not absolve one for sins against another unless one first confesses, experiences regret, attempts rectification of harm, and sincerely seeks forgiveness. Lebovits has done none of these things, except as required to get a good plea deal in a secular lower court.

The unanswered question is why he served slightly more than 15 of the 24 months of his sentence through a combination of 1 year and 6 days after his overturned 2010 conviction and then just 83 days following his re-conviction this spring. Thus he has served a total of one year and 89 days. Mind you, when he was first convicted in 2010 he was sentenced to 10-32 years. Continue reading