Sauna Rabbi Rosenblatt Is Hung Out to Dry

Jonathan Rosenblatt

Jonathan Rosenblatt

Following his forced retirement from the Riverdale Jewish Center, sauna-boy-gawker Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt started advertising himself doing “spiritual and psychological counseling” at Scarsdale Integrative Medicine (SIM).

His reputation caught up with him and SIM dropped him unceremoniously, even claiming he was never part of their operation, but merely someone renting space from them according to the Forward.

But, as my readers know, he was listed on their website as one of their staff back in May, whatever the financial arrangements.

It would not be fair to criticize SIM too much for this lapse in vetting and judgment. They did manage to dump the chump in about two months. Continue reading

Did Sauna Rabbi, Rosenblatt, Sanitize His History to Get New Job

jonathan rosenblatt 3

Jonathan Rosenblatt

In May I reported (5/30/16) that Jonathan Rosenblatt was working as a “spiritual and pyschological counselor” at Scarsdale Integrative Medicine.

He got this position after being forced out of his rabbinical position at the Riverdale Jewish Center because of his history of exploiting his mentoring role to have long nude gawking and displays with boys and young men.

The Riverdale Press reports, “The clinic did not respond to requests for comment for this article.”

However, the Riverdale Press did report the defense offered by Rosenblatt’s attorney, Meyer Koplow. Continue reading

The Sauna Rabbi Is Now a Spiritual and Psychological Counselor

Jonathan Rosenblatt

Jonathan Rosenblatt

Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt, advertises himself as someone who provides “Spiritual and Psychological Counseling.” This is on the site of Scarsdale Integrative Medicine whose motto is “East and West Medicine for the Balance of Your Life.”

The good news is he is out of the rabbinate where he regularly exploited nude sauna and shower situations to “mentor” and “counsel” minors and young men while simultaneously gazing and displaying himself. Hopefully, the Scarsdale Center does not have a sauna.
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Jonathan Rosenblatt and the Boundary between Innocent, Creepy, and Abusive

Yossele Rosenblatt

Yossele Rosenblatt

Jonathan Rosenblatt, rabbi of the Riverdale Jewish Center, is the great-grandson of Yossele Rosenblatt. I am sitting here listening to Yossele’s magnificent cantorial singing on recordings made a hundred years ago. He had everything, vocal range, control, phrasing, musicality, originality, and above all, soul. His secular contemporary in the opera was the great Italian tenor, Enrico Caruso. According to an often repeated story, Caruso attended one of Rosenblatt’s New York recitals. After hearing Rosenblatt sing Eli, Eli, he went on stage and kissed him. That was an innocent kiss expressing one great artist’s admiration of another.

But other interactions devoid of physical contact can be downright creepy. Most women have had the unpleasant experience of being visually undressed by strangers or having conversational partners talking to their chest instead of their face. Continue reading

Submit Your Questions to the Sauna Rabbi’s Q&A Session

Sauna TurkeyJonathan Rosenblatt has survived an attempt by his board to get him to resign following stories in the New York Times and the NY Jewish Week detailing his unconventional nude sauna and shower bonding with boys and young men. Now he is trying to refurbish his reputation in a congregation whose board voted 34-8 to seek his resignation.

His board has scheduled a members-only meeting tonight (Wed., 9/2/15). According to the notice:

Rabbi Rosenblatt announced his desire and intention to… serve and he provided a vision of the future of the congregation. At that time, members of the Board felt that it would be beneficial for the members to hear the Rabbi’s message directly from him… Continue reading