Take the Borger Challenge: Listen to His Entire Tape

Shmuel Borger has produced an infomercial tape for his video production, Tears for Moshiach, which is supposed to hasten the arrival of the moshiach. He exploits the memory of his son Motty a’h and insists on a  false account of the cause of death.  He dwells on the sin of lashon horah (gossip) but ignores the Chofetz Chaim about the obligation to report information to protect others from harm. He implies the endorsement of important rabbis which he does not have.

Shmuel Sammy Borger

Shmuel Sammy Borger

I have spoken to people who tried to listen to the entire tape but couldn’t make it to the end. Most of them said, “it made me gag.” After two failed attempts I forced myself to listen right through to the end. It is an astounding piece of audio work. It doesn’t teach anything of value about lashon horah, bringing the geulah, or even the truth about Motty’s death. But it sure shows us the real Shmuel Borger.

He will amaze you with his fine speaking voice and his eerie level of emotionless control. He will display a full range of emotion but you will detect the faking. He will move from stories and histrionics into the closing sales pitch for his upcoming video and invite you become a financial sponsor. Klal yisroel could have benefited immensely from Sammy Borger’s talents if he had devoted himself to selling gadgets on television and donating the proceeds to worthy causes.

You have no reason to believe me. Perhaps I am acting out a personal vendetta. Perhaps I do not properly understand this fine upstanding citizen who produced some very fine albums decades ago with his Amudai Shaish Boys Choir when he was known in the business as Sammy Borger. I urge you to decide for yourselves. Continue reading