Why Nuchem Rosenberg Urges Others Not to Trust Kal Holczler

Recently, I spoke to  Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, the Williamsburg based sex abuse activist. A few months ago Kal Holczler initated a relationship with Nuchem Rosenberg. Kal explained he was from Skver (New Square, which is near Monsey), he had been molested there, and he wanted to go after the molesters by working with the police to catch them. Rabbi Rosenberg was favorably impressed at first and he brokered introductions between Kal and some of the survivors in Skver.

Then he heard that Kal was working with the Skver establishment to establish a vaad (community body) to deal with molesting. When Rabbi Rosenberg confronted Kal, he insisted that this was a better way to do things and Skver’s leadership was ready to change. Rabbi Rosenberg got angry. Continue reading

Kal Holczler Tries to Defend His Sexual Practices

Around 5;00 p.m. Kal posted the following on his Facebook page:

I am proud of the decisions and choices I’ve made in the past that have gotten me to where I am now.
Unfortunately, many times so-called advocates still suffering from untreated trauma will be quick to shame anything that has to do with healthy sexuality. Continue reading

Kal Holczler Can Not Be Part of the Movement to Fight Sex Abuse

This morning Vicki Polin put out an announcement on behalf of the Awareness Center that they were cutting all ties to Kal Holczer and his sex abuse oganization, Voices of Dignity (VOD).. I applaud Vicki for calling a spade a spade. I agree with her understanding of the facts and her analysis of the problem. Continue reading