Pelcovitz and Leading Orthodox Rabbis Line Up Behind Sex Offender Evan Zauder (From the archives- 3/31/14)

Update (9/20/19) Dr. David Pelcovitz spoke to SAR parents in the aftermath of the arrest of their teacher, Rabbi Jonathan Skolnick, for child porn production involving a student. He is scheduled to speak at other schools. That is a terrible choice. Parents, after you read this post, please contact your school’s administrators and urge them not to invite Pelcovitz as a speaker. Follow the pattern of a number of other schools who disinvited him.  — Yerachmiel Lopin

Guest Post by David Cheifetz

David Cheifetz

David Cheifetz

David Cheifetz is a resident of Teaneck, New Jersey. He is also the founder of a new non-profit organization, Mi Li – Who Is For Me, designed to educate the Jewish community about sexual abuse of children and provide support to victims and their families.

About a year ago I came forward in the pages of The Jewish Week and shared my experience as a victim of sexual abuse by a senior member of the staff at Camp Dora Golding in 1979. I also had the opportunity to address the annual conference of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) on the topic. In both instances and in other articles and venues, I spoke about the challenge that we face in the Orthodox community regarding a pervasive tolerance of sexual abuse of children.

This is not limited to any corner of the Orthodox community – It exists in the Modern Orthodox world just as it exists in the Ultra-Orthodox world. And while there is a growing recognition of this scourge, there has been little progress in addressing the underlying culture that tolerates abuse and excuses Orthodox pedophiles. Indeed, when someone is accused of abuse, and even found guilty of committing heinous acts of sexual abuse against minors, many communal leaders continue to bend over backwards to show Rachmunus (mercy and empathy) to the perpetrators, and little regard to the victims.

Evan Zauder

Evan Zauder

The terrible phenomenon has been highlighted once again this past week, coinciding with the scheduled sentencing of Evan Zauder. Evan Zauder, was a teacher at the Modern Orthodox day school Yeshivat Noam located in Paramus, New Jersey. Zauder also had a long history of working with Jewish youth, including as a synagogue youth director and participant in numerous youth related programs. In 2012, Zauder was arrested for possessing child pornography, and was subsequently found by the US Government to have distributed child pornography as well. He was also found to have engaged in illicit sexual relationships with underage males that involved graphic discussion, mutual masturbation Continue reading

First They Came for the Chinese Tourists, Then They Came for the Yeshiva Students

James Fallows in the Atlantic writes a rising tide of airline imperiousness withh the wonderful title, First They Came for the Chinese Tourists, Then They Came for the Yeshiva Students… He describes United Airlines’  lousy record with Chinese passengers but adds on,

Some of these Chinese passengers seem to be taking their first-ever airplane trip, and most of them are from a domestic-Chinese airline culture that just works differently from America’s. Domestic Chinese passengers may be accustomed to people walking around when the airplane is taxiing, having the cabin crew give ineffectual suggestions rather than orders, etc.

He doesn’t raise the issue of the culture of Yeshiva of Flatbush kids in the recent Air Tran episode, though I have been reading the comments of some orthodox Flatbush Jews on the Jewish blogs and have had some pretty derogatory things to say about the manners of these students. Fallows wraps up with the reactions of an unidentified Midwestern rabbi.

While I wasn’t a witness to what happened on board, I question the veracity of the claims made by the adult chaperones of the yeshiva students who were forced off the plane because of Anti-Antisemitism. I’m wondering if it’s just another example of flight attendants who have a zero tolerance because of how they feel about their unhappy professional lives  – as you’ve opined about in the past – or of inappropriate passenger behavior that was simply intolerable for other passengers and crew…… I travel frequently and am easily identifiable as someone who is Jewish (i.e. I wear a kippah (yarmulke)). I have never experienced anti-Semitism at the hands of a flight attendant or pilot.

I am wondering if in fact Yeshiva of Flatbush student do in fact resemble the infuriating Chinese who are having their first experience with international travel Continue reading