Demonstrate Against Agudah’s Protection of Child Molesters this Sunday (7/23) at 3 pm against Novominsker Rebbe

Novominsker Rebbe

Novominsker Rebbe – Yaakov Perlow

I urge all my readers to become part of this demonstration in front of the Boro Park beis medrish of the Novominsker Rebbe, head of Agudath Israel of America’s Council of Sages (aka Moetzes), @ 1644 48th St., Brooklyn, NY at 3 pm, Sunday July 23.

The target of this demonstration, Rabbi Yaakov Perlow, the Noveminsker Rebbe, and head of Agudath Israel of America, is personally culpable for protecting abusers from criminal prosecutions. He even helped keep “Rabbi” Yehuda Kolko on as a teacher in spite of his known record of abusing yeshiva boys for 30 years. He did it in spite of pleas for involvement by the late Rabbi Avigdor Miller, an extremely important Haredi leader. Continue reading


Zaakah’s Outcry Against Rabbinical Mishandling of Kolko Case

Zaakah, a group committed to “Crying out for the silenced,” issued the following statement after Yosef Kolko pleaded guilty to multiple child sex abuse felonies.

Kolko Plea Proves Rabbis Shouldn’t be
Contacted In Molestation Cases

In light of today’s bombshell guilty plea on the part of former teacher and camp counselor Yosef Kolko, we would like to draw attention to the following letters that were released in the Lakewood community in reference to this case (see those letters and fliers here). Most glaringly, in a letter from Rabbi Yisroel Belsky he explicitly states that “After conducting a thorough investigation I am absolutely certain that R’Yosef Kolko, may his light shine, is perfectly innocent of any wrongdoing of any nature whatsoever.” This is a prime example of why, in cases of suspected abuse, one must immediately turn to the PROPER authorities – the local police department – NOT Rabbinical authorities. Rabbis are simply not equipped or trained to handle investigations that have the magnitude that sexual abuse cases have. Their “thorough” investigation not only completely cleared a man who today pled guilty to the very same horrific crimes, but also went so far as to accuse the family of being the true perpetrators!

In addition to their complete inability to properly investigate such matters Continue reading

An Introduction to the Nechemya Weberman Trial for Those New To the Case on the Eve of the Trial

On February 23, 2011, Nechemya Weberman was arrested, arraigned in Kings County Criminal Court, and released on $15,000 cash bail. The arraignment specified multiple charges of sexually abusing a Hasidic girl in Williamsburg, starting when she was twelve and continuing until she was fifteen. The next day I was the first to note his active role in the vaad hatznius (modesty committee) which is how he first got involved in the life of this girl.

Weberman returned to Criminal Court on March 9. However, the day before, the Office of the Kings County District Attorney unsealed an indictment with 150 felony charges. This shifted his case to the Kings County Supreme Court for his appearance on Friday, March 25th.

In Who Will Watch the Watchers?, I reported on a regular extortion racket of the vaad hatznius Continue reading