Meir Pogrow Sighted on Un-Yeshivish Philippine Vacation

Following his denunciation as a sexual predator, Meir Pogrow’s days on the torah circuit were over. But we all wondered where he went.

Thanks to a tip from one of my readers, we know in March he was living it up as a tourist in the Philippines according to this photo posted by the Butterfly Totem Guesthouse on March 6, 2017. The only question is whether he was traveling with someone else, and of what sex?

His guest house listed him as Mr., not as Rabbi.

Meir Pogrow on Philippine vacation march 2017


11 thoughts on “Meir Pogrow Sighted on Un-Yeshivish Philippine Vacation

      1. A reminder of h is lifestyle, before and since.

      2. In the past these vacations were taken with one or more women to various exotic locales, such as Hawaii and Brazil

      3. Most of these sociopathic miscreants eventually return to their old business. Keeping track of them makes it harder for them to restart. The post is not much but it is all I have.

  1. Lol. Where’s the news here? He’s been going on these kinds of vacations since he was 15.

    Y – slow news day?

    • It took 20years to remove this mind controlling monster I see you.wrote about efraim becker the educator claiming to be a therapist who signed never to deal with women in 2008. How many years take to stop him

    • It’s good to keep track of the whereabouts of such a dangerous, evil person, as the Rabbis have pointed out he is a rasha.

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