Don’t Sock Puppet

Sock Puppeting is using different names by the same person so they can exagerate the number of people who hold a position. Someone just tried it to defend R. Bender of 5T. I deleted all of those comments. DON’T SOCK PUPPET!

The person lecturing me was mis representing the dinim of loshon horah but apparently has no problem with geneivas daas.

The Unexplained Gaps in the Quest to Bring Alleged Child Molester Rabbi Gershon Kranczer into Custody

As NY Police were getting ready to arrest Rabbi Gershon Kranczer for allegedly molesting several of his female relatives he got tipped off and flew the coop to Israel according to the Daily News. This happened in December of 2010. Nine years later he was finally arrested in Israel on Jan 7, 2020 according to the Forward. For the moment, he is being held in Israel on charges of entering on a tourist visa and overstaying under the radar, seeking neither immigrant aliya status nor permanent residency status. Thus he is not a citizen and can be deported without an extradition process. Though all Jews are entitled to immigration under the Law of Return it always had an exception for dangerous criminals. Continue reading

YU’s Rabbi David Bleich is Director for New Haven Yeshiva of Convicted Child Rapist Rabbi Daniel Greer

Rabbi Daniel Greer is serving a 20-year sentence in a Connecticut prison for repeatedly raping a boy in his Yeshiva of New Haven. Rabbi J David Bleich is a prominent YU Rosh Yeshiva. Starting no later than 2013 (according to IRS 990 forms) and continuing to January 2020 he has been listed as an officer of the Yeshiva of New Haven in the role of a Director. This is a scandal. Continue reading