Call Toronto Police with Info about Alleged Child Abuser, Phillip Kravetsky

Toronto Police Tweeted on 3/15/18:

Phillip Kravetsky, 51 charged: If you have any info about man employed as family counsellor charged in ongoing sexual assault investigation relating to children in Toronto call police 416-808-2922 or remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477

On his LinkedIn listing, Phillip C Kravetsky is described as a psychotherapist/mediator and “Owner at Durham Region Family Law Support Services” in Toronto.

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My Email Exchange with R. Grossman’s Migdal Ohr

On Thursday (3/8/18) I wrote Info@MigdalOhr. org:

Subject: The Shonda [scandal] of Misplaced Mercy

Malka Leifer

Malka Leifer

The entire world was shocked by yesterday’s intervention in the court case of a molester of over ten heimish [orthodox] girls. Rav Grossman speaks of pity for Malka Leifer. Does Rav Grossman have so little interest in the metzius [substantive facts] of her crimes that he does not think of her victims who suffer terribly and even attempt suicide because Leifer seduced innocent girls into all sorts of maasei [acts of] Sodom?

Any man, even an adam choshuv [distinguished man] can make a mistake. But Rav Grossman does this over and over for molesters including Mordechai Elon, Eliezer Berland and Ben Zion Sobel. We are talking about people whose actions were condemned by gedolim [great Torah leaders] like Rav Eliezer Man Shach z”l, Rav Elya Svei z”l, and Rav Aaron Lichtenstein z”l.


I used to admire Rav Grossman but now I will warn everyone to avoid him and condemn him. There is a mageyfah [plague] of child sex abuse in frum kehilot [orthodox communities]. Where is his achrayis [responsibility] to fight it? Where is his attention to this terrible problem that hurts about one out of every five children?

Has the disco rabbi not learned by now that some of his lost children ended up that way because sex abuse? Does he not realize it also happens to frum [orthodox] children?


R. Motti Elon

I beg you, Rav Grossman. Please change your position, end this chilul hashem [desecration of G-d’s name], and fight for the children whose lives are destroyed by reshaim [evil people].

המרחם על אכזרים סופו שיתאכזר לרחמנים
[He who has mercy on the cruel will up being cruel to the merciful]

Yerachmiel Lopin

This morning (Mon, 3/12/18) they replied:

Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman informed the parties this morning, Monday 12/03, that he is unable to assist in Malka Leifer’s legal case.

Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, Israel Prize recipient, has dedicated, and continues to dedicate, his life to assisting the disadvantaged, families at need, at-risk children and youth, rehabilitating newly repatriated inmates, and any other person in trouble, all of this out of a concern for the maintenance of a healthy society.

The Rabbi has responded to every plea of humanitarian assistance of any kind, and so he did when he was called upon to assist in the hearing on Malka Leifer’s matter.

 As the Rabbi discovered that the assistance he had agreed to provide as an alternative to arrest for the solution of the problem facing the court, has been interpreted as supporting an attempt to avoid trial, he decided that it would not be appropriate for him to be involved. Therefore, he has notified the parties that he unable to assist in the aforementioned matter.

 Rabbi Grossman has dedicated his life to protecting the weak, especially children, and sees child abuse as the worst of all injustices. The Rabbi recognizes the pain and suffering of the victims of sexual assault, and has treated them with dedication and care for many years.

Comment: If, as claimed here, Rabbi Grossman was misinformed, he owes it to the public to tell us who misinformed him. If the court, as claimed by Grossman in a public statement, he owes it to the public to state the name of the source and exactly what they said. If not them, he owes an apology for falsely claiming it was the court, and he should admit that he is unduly influenced by biased sources intent on protecting this monstrous abuser.

Breaking- Malka Leifer to Stay Locked Up

The extradition court decision to release Malka Leifer into house arrest under the custody of Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, Chief Rabbi of Migdal Ha’emek is now moot. The offer was made by Rabbi Grossman on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, and accepted by the extradition judge, Ran Vinoger, on the spot. However, it was put on hold by Supreme Court Justice George Karas’ injunction, pending review. Now the offer is withdrawn, eliminating that possibility.

The court, will now continue the three-year-long process of deciding on the Australian extradition request based on charges of 74 counts of abusing girls at the Adaas Yisroel school in Melbourne. It will now return to addressing her mental fitness to participate in the process. For over three years, the court has accepted her attorney’s claim that she suffered from mental illness that made it impossible. However, that claim was demolished by investigations showing she was faking illness and was quite able and active. Hearings will resume later in the month.

Below is the statement issued yesterday night (3/11/18) by Rabbi Grossman withdrawing his offer to host her under house arrest.  Continue reading

The Leifer Case Reveals the Depths of Israeli Corruption When It Comes to Child Rape

Once again, Malka Leifer is out of the court’s custody, and the three and half year battle to extradite her to Australia to be tried for molesting children suffered another setback.

This time, two factors converged. The court gave the defense more time because the psychiatric report deeming her fit for extradition hearings is still not signed. Meanwhile, a prominent rabbi pleaded mercy for her and promised to assure she will not flee. So she was released into his custody, without even waiting for a ruling on the matter by a higher court.

The rabbi, Yitzchok Grossman has made a career of defending sex offenders on the lam.


Rabbi Eliezer Berland fled from Israel to Morocco, then to Holland and then to the Republic of South Africa (with a few other stops on the way). Grossman went to South Africa to plea for his release from custody due to hardships. Thankfully Berland was not released, did get extradited, and served jail time for rape.

Why the hell should the court defer to Grossman? Why the hell was the court not cracking down on the psychiatrist who still had not signed the report? Why the hell was the court oblivious to the likelihood that Leifer was faking mental illness over the last years?

By now, I am unable to believe that we are dealing with mere incompetence. I am inclined to believe that Leifer’s defenders in the Haredi establishment (particularly the Ger Hasidic movement) have influenced and corrupted this process.

Every major Australian newspaper is running stories about this shocking development. Israel needs a reputation for operating under the rule of law, and being a sanctuary for persecuted jews, not a get out of jail card for child rapists.

I know that Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman is an esteemed figure. But at this moment, I have nothing but contempt for him. But Grossman is merely a player. The fullest condemnation must fall on the Israeli court system. It failed, again.

Perhaps it will eventually succeed in at least conducting an extradition hearing over three years since it was requested, and a decade after Leifer first fled Australia. But right now it has lost the right to claim our respect. Perhaps they can partially redeem themselves. Let us hope so.

Rabbi Bender’s Disturbing Defense of Rabbi Yisroel Kleinman After He Was Arrested for Child Rape

Rabbi Yisroel (Stanley) Kleinman, a 62-year-old, 5th  grade Jewish studies teacher, was arrested on December 18, 2017 on charges of molesting and penetrating an 11-year-old girl multiple times for over a year. Kleinman, was put on paid leave by his employer of thirty years, Rabbi Yakov Bender, the Rosh Yeshiva (Dean) of Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway (Queens, NY).


R. Yakov Bender

Two months later, in the end of February 2018, when Rabbi Bender knew the story was about to appear in the New York Daily News, he told their reporter that “parents of children in his class have been notified.” However, just a few weeks earlier I spoke to people at the school who knew he was being replaced by substitutes but not the reason.

Rabbi Bender should have informed parents of entire school, as well as others who dealt with him over the years, of the arrest as the reason for his suspension from the classroom. This helps to surface any other instances of abuse and provides support to other potential victims. Some people will say that there were no grounds to suspect Kleinman of molesting in this all-boys yeshiva because his criminal charge involves a girl. But child molesting is not necessarily a single-sex behavior. Some molesters go after both boys and girls.

Yehuda Kolko

R. Yehuda Kolko

Many people are praising Bender for placing Kleinman on leave. But once there are criminal charges that is what almost all yeshivas do. Even Yeshiva Torah Temimah, which kept Rabbi Yehuda Kolko employed in spite of decades of allegations, dumped him once he was criminally charged in 2006. Continue reading

Help Bring R. Yacov Simmonds to Justice in Winnipeg


Rabbi Yacov Simmonds is a fugitive charged with 8 counts of sexually abusing girls in Winnipeg between 1993 and 1999. He was supposed to turn himself in October, but instead fled.

Yacov Simmonds with students June 1 2011 Hamodia c8

Hamodia 6-1-11 c8

Forty-two-year-old Simmonds worked at Chabad’s Torah Center (CTC) from 2000 to 2016. He comes from a large local Chabad family and his father ran a kosher grocery/restaurant. While the CTC described Simmonds to the media as a fundraiser, a 2011 Hamodia interview with Simmonds (covered in has narrative and pictures of him doing kiruv work.

The Chabad Torah Center says that when it became aware of the allegations in January 2016, it suspended him. According to the  Winnipeg Free Press, their August, 2016, newsletter announced: Continue reading

Be a Light unto the Nations, Not a Molester Haven


Rapist Mondrowitz

The Torah calls on us to be a “light unto the nations.” But Israel is an escape destination for diaspora molesters. They come from the US, the UK, Holland, and Australia. They come on last minute flights as cops are closing in. They come on visitor visas and they come as planned olim under the Law of Return. Most of them get the welcome mat.

Mighty Israel can defeat neighbors. Stealthy Israel can assassinate enemies. Brainy Israel can desalinate oceans. Avenging Israel can bring Nazis to justice. But when faced with the justice cries of molested Jewish children, Shimshon Hagibor (Samson the mighty) turns into Shimshon the Nebbish, a hapless, bureaucratically obtuse gaggle of keystone cops.

How could Malka Leifer, a serial child molester facing 74 charges of child sexual abuse in Australia, still be dodging Australia’s 2013 extradition request by faking mental illness? Continue reading