Convicted Molester Stefan Colmer in Brooklyn and Appearing with the Name, David Cohen

In June (6/8/16) I reported that Stefan Colmer, a convicted sex offender was banned by all orthodox synagogues in Passaic, New Jersey. (see Passaic’s Orthodox Rabbis Ban Child Molester Stefan Colmer from their Synagogues).

Stefan Colmer Sex Offender Registry Photo

Stefan Colmer Sex Offender Registry Photo

According to the sex offender registry he has changed his residence to a Boro Park  address, 1423 55th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11219. This happened sometime in the last seven weeks.

His employment is listed at 171 47th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11312 (Sunset Park).

He is registered as driving  a 2012 Silver Nissan Altima with a New Jersey license plate H89CKT.

JCW located a LinkedIn entry under Dovid Cohen It has Comer’s picture and lists job titles and coporations Colmer has listed in the past. The listing is for an “Electronics Support Manager/Product Developer” with two companies, Impecca LLC and Taryag Ventures, LLC. Since it is a different name with no reference to Colmer there is no way to be sure it was created by Colmer. But the possibility is concerning.

Stefan Colmer LinkedIn Business Card as Dovid Cohen from JCW site 7-29-16

Stefan Colmer LinkedIn alias as Dovid Cohen

It is against the law to harass Colmer or do anything violent against him and I am absolutely not encouraging that. If by some unlikely chance he has totally changed, good for him and us. But only a fool would rely on his having changed.

He is on the Sex Offender Registry precisely because he is considered likely to re-offend. So use this information to make it less likely.

If he does re-offend, it is my advice that you do not call rabbis. Do not call the Vaad Hatznius, Shomrim or the 66th police precinct in Boro Park which is mired in scandals over taking bribes from orthodox political players . Continue reading

Both Party Platforms Gave Short Shrift to Child Sexual Abuse

Marci V Hamilton

Marci A. Hamilton

Professor Marci Hamilton reviewed the Democratic and Republican party platforms and found them lacking on child sex abuse. Neither of them addressed the issue comprehensively.

Instead they both focused on those prosecutor favorites, sex trafficking and child pornography. While these are important problems, they are only a tiny fraction of all child sex abuse which is estimated to affect 20% to 25% of all children.

It would be decent and it would be politically smart for both parties to address this issue. she proposes the following platform language: Continue reading

Breaking- Berland Admits Forcible Rape of a Married Woman on Recording

800_r73zc9h8pkprpcfyjh4tzzu5f57ymhvs1Israel’s Mako news service posted a hetefore unrevealed old recording of Rabbi Eliezer Berland saying:

Totally, she was raped from beginning to end.

After, it she asked is it permitted, she asked after the first time I raped her if she is permitted to her husband [or whether she was an adulterous wife who had to be divorced].

Beyond any doubt she is permitted to her husband.

She did not understand what happened. She asked me, “What happened? What happened here?”

I told her, “You are not an adulterous wife; you are not an adulterous wife.” Continue reading

Joe Hynes, Why Are You Honoring Me? — From the Archives of 2013

Henna White, unidentified, & Joe Hynes

Henna White, Eli Poltorak (Chabad), & Joe Hynes

I first posted this in 2013. It comes to mind in some discussions about being controversial and making enemies. I have tried hard to earn my enemies for the right reasons and I believe I have. — Yerachmiel Lopin

 Joe, you are an important busy man and yet you have taken time out to honor me. Charles Joseph Hynes, you are District Attorney of Brooklyn and I am just a blogger. You have over a thousand employees and I am a one-man operation. You get covered by the New York Times;  so far, I have only had a few mentions in the mainstream media. Yet you have honored me.

Arthur Aidala

Arthur Aidala

I am surprised because I’ve been criticizing your office for four years. I have accused your Jewish liaison, Henna White, of covering up sex abuse. I accused you of colluding with your buddy, Arthur Aidala, to give Menachem Deutsch a sweetheart deal on serious molesting charges. I accused your Rackets Bureau chief, Michael Vecchione, of perjury, when he denied remembering the content of Lauren Hersh’s training session about Brady disclosure obligations.

Vecchione Stock 2aI confess; I am obnoxious to you. I call your Jewish liaison, Henna Whitewash, and I refer to Michael Vecchione as your “racketeer.” Just in the last year, I raked you over the coals with pejorative article titles such as:

Yet you honor me by taking me seriously, reading all my posts about your office, and even worrying about my deleterious influence on your impressionable staff. You have honored me, ABOVE ALL, by instructing your IT department to block my blog. Continue reading

Publicity about Abuse Brings Out “Attention Seeking Phonies” According to Down Under Rabbi Yosef Feldman


R. Yosef Yitzchak Feldman

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Feldman attained notoriety when Australian Newspapers reported on his testimony about sex abuse in the Chabad community in Australia to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

According to ABC (Australia) in Feb 2015:

The director of the ultra-orthodox Jewish Yeshiva centre in Sydney has resigned after last week telling a royal commission hearing he did not know it was a crime for an adult to touch a child’s genitals.

Since then, Feldman has gone on a spree of libel lawsuits. Manny Waks linked to a listing of those lawsuits in a post on FaceBook on 7/20/16. The targets of his eight lawsuits include The Council of Orthodox Synagogues of Australia, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and a number of media outlets.

In response to Manny Waks’ FaceBook post and some taunting comments he justifies himself by writing Continue reading

Rapist Mondrowitz Is Cozy In Jerusalem

Avrohom Mondrowitz Sabbath Shopping Fri 7-22-16 Jerusalem

Avrohom Mondrowitz

Thanks to the multiple failures of the Brooklyn District Attorney and the Israeli Courts, serial rapist Avrohom Mondrowitz evaded justice for raping boys in America.

In this picture you can see him on a Friday morning shopping jaunt in the Shuk Davidka area of Jerusalem sometime in July of this year (2016).

An Israeli source reacted sarcastically to this picture:

We all appreciate going to a store early, before it gets crowded. We especially appreciate it when child abusers who flee to Israel choose to do their erev shabbos shopping in our city. Continue reading

A Great Day for Hasidic Perverts- From the Archives

Menachem Mendel Deutsch Does the Hat Trick מנחם מענדל דייטש

Menachem Mendel Deutsch Does the Hat Trick
מנחם מענדל דייטש

First appeared in 2013 around the Jewish day of tragedy, the 16th of Tammuz.

Yesterday was a great day for 21-year-old, Hasidic pervert Menachem Deutsch. Two years ago it looked like he was going to spend a lot of time upstate. As reported in the Friday June 24th, 2011 New York Post headline, this “Brooklyn Sicko Lured Young Boys into Shul, Then Molested Them.”

The first victim, who turned 12 on Wednesday [June 22], was walking home from school at around 4 p.m. when he was approached by an unidentified man at Simcha Hall, a… shul [that] serves members of the Belz sect… [one of the largest Hasidic groups in Borough Park]. Continue reading