This is the Look of Real Repentance- Watch the Apology of Australia’s PM to Child Abuse Survivors and Those No Longer Alive

In 2013, Julia Gillard, then Prime Minister of Australia established the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Over five years, the six prestigious commissioners probed the history of abuse, cover-ups, its effects, and policy recommendations to better prevent, detect, and respond to abuse.

It started out in response to scandals in the Catholic Church but extended to other churches, gurus, Chabad in Melbourne and Sydney, and non-religious youth organizations of all sorts. It’s public hearings riveted the nation. After 5 years and over a half billion dollars it issued its 17-volume Final Report. Continue reading


NCSY Ombudsman Phone # for Abuse is a Non-Working #

The National Council of Synagogue Youth (NCSY) of the Orthodox Union (OU) has a detailed Standards Manual for Conduct, Policy, and Behavioral Standards first put online in 2008 and most recently revised on 9/10/2016. Continue reading

Breaking- Krawatskys Suing Parents, Activist, and Journalists in MD Courts

Maryland court records show that that Rabbi Shmuel (Stephen) Krawatsky and his wife are again suing  for defamation against those making or reporting allegations that Krawatsky (aka Rabbi K) sexually abused children in Camp Shoresh. The suit was filed on 10/16/18. The suit names two sets of parents who each allege that their son was sexually abused by Rabbi K. The Krawatskys are also suing  activist Chaim Levin, the Jewish Week (JW) which reported on the allegations, and the reporter who wrote the JW story, Hannah Dreyfus.  Continue reading

Krawatsky Never Expected to Win His Lawsuit. It Was a PR Ploy

It is my opinion that Rabbi Shmuel (Steven) Krawatsky and his wife acted in bad faith when they filed his defamation lawsuit against the Avrunins, the Beckers (both parents of children they alleged he abused) and blogger/activist Chaim Levin.

Krawatsky suit dismissed 9-21-18I say that because they filed a legally flawed suit that would be dismissed without any discovery phase, subpoenas, depositions, or a trial. This was good for them because it meant the truth would not be exposed in a trial.

They filed it in federal court when it could only be filed in Maryland courts if both the plaintiff (Rabbi K) and one pair of defendants (the Beckers) both lived in MD. They could have dropped the Beckers and just sued the Avrunins (who had moved to Georgia) and Chaim Levin (who lived in NY). But instead they filed in federal court even though every such case goes through a jurisdiction review before anything proceeds. And of course the jurisdiction review determined that the case did not qualify. Continue reading

Help the Police Find this Tiferes Bunim Groper

According to the New York City Police Department, the man in the picture above is alleged to have approached a food worker at the Talmud Torah Tiferes Bunim Yeshiva in Boro Park (13th Ave. by 52nd St) and said “Show me your d—,” then grabbed the victim’s genitals, and then fled the school. This is reported to have happened on Sunday, Sept. 2, 9:55 a.m.  Continue reading