Is NCSY Following Up on Rabbi Menachem Chinn’s Molesting


Rabbi Menachem Chinn

Rabbi Menachem Chinn of East Windsor, NJ just accepted a plea bargain for molesting two boys under the age of 13, one in 2005 and the other in 2012. He got off without going to jail but has a long probation with what seems like house arrest with a monitoring bracelet. His ten years of probation also bar his working with kids or being in their settings. He will also be on the sex offender registry for life.

Chinn was working as a Yeshiva teacher and a youth leader on behalf of the National Council of Synagogue Youth (NCSY) of the OU.

Based on his pattern there is good reason to suspect additional victims. As a yeshiva teacher and National Council of Synagogue Youth (NCSY) leader he had loads of access to children. Based on talks with a well informed source, I am not convinced that NCSY is doing its best to support others who may have been abused or to facilitate reporting by additional potential victims.

It is now almost two decades since the shocking revelations of  extensive abuse by their key employee, Rabbi Boruch Lanner. They then set all sorts of protocols in place, but somehow, I think they still haven’t gotten it. This is especially true for their  part-time employees in smaller communities.


14 thoughts on “Is NCSY Following Up on Rabbi Menachem Chinn’s Molesting

  1. Unfortunately the rabbis of twin rivers and east Windsor communities seem to be supporting this guy so chances of additional victims coming forward may be slim.

  2. That’s a pretty heavy accusation to level against NCSY based on “talks” you had with only one person. Particularly given that you back the claim up with absolutely no information, details, or facts, perhaps you should do a little research, or ask for a specific thing be done that you know has not. Unlike some, I actually find you a reasonably rational, fair, person in your approach to these issues. Your comment against NCSY is uncharacteristic and misplaced.

      being that you have had until now, a reasonable (if not high) degree of respect for YL, based on, one would gather, at the minimum a few years of following his reporting, I find it surprising that you would choose this case to ignore “dan l’kaf zechut” based on his track record,
      To those of us not at all intimately familiar with this case, that suggests, well, even more so, implies, that you are not a disinterested ploni here,
      I totally agree with your positive comments about YL, solid, rational, super high degree of integrity, bases claims on facts supported by informed people of integrity who have no axe to grind,

      I have been following this blog for approximately 4 years, and the number of errors YL has made , is infinitessimal.
      For full disclosure, may i be so bold as to inquire what exactly is your connection to Chin and/or the NCSY???

      And also, for full disclosure, I have never even met YL. Just an interested observer, as it were,

  3. As an informed writer, I happen to know that Ncsy is the only organization with a connection to Chinn that has done something to help the victims and help find other victims. If you want to point a finger, look at the shul who hired him and gave him unfettered access to the kids, the shul and it’s Rabbis who continue to support him and claim his innocence despite an informed guilty plea. And to the yehsiva where he worked, who has done absolutely nothing to help the victims or speak to his students and help them through this immensely difficult time. It appears you don’t have your facts straight or have some agenda against Ncsy. But if there’s anyone to point a finger at for an outlandishly improper response to this matter, Ncsy certainly is not the first.

      • Whose response has ramped up? The Shul who hired him or NCSY? I think we should point fingers at that Shul forsure. People should be warned not to move to that community (IF people are actually still moving there.)

    • I live in Twin Rivers and personally know the families of the victims.
      Neither did the damned school and synagogue which these kids attended, and last but not least, Mr. Gruman, the synagogue rabbi, who also took the mantel of ‘spiritual adviser’ to menachem chinn.
      The two kids are damaged for life, one of the families is already in $20K debt due to medical bills.
      And Gruman, who was very fast to find a lawyer for Chinn and to advise his flock (actually a herd) to be supportive of the Chinn family, did nothing to provide support, counsel, and perhaps even find a good doctor to treat these kids in an affordable manner.
      כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה
      has not been practiced here by NCSY and Gruman and his ilk.

      • Knowing the way Gruman works, it’s typical behavior for him supporting the perpetrator and not the victim. He paid for Chinn’s lawyers no doubt and maybe even paid the judge off to avoid jail time.

  4. I would like to provide additional information about this case.

    The police had been made aware of a handful of additional victims; however, although they had all indicated that they had in fact been abused, they refused to give a detailed account to the police, likely due to the hostilities that the initial victims faced.

    Rabbi Aaron Gruman is still paying for Chinn’s lawyers until this day- the same lawyers that represented the man found guilty of filming his roommate, who later committed suicide, having sex in his Rutgers University dorm. These are expensive lawyers.

    NCSY, Shalom Torah Academy, and the Twin Rivers Jewish community have so far done nothing to reach out to the victims, despite their attack on the victim’s credibility and ostracism of them.

    Menachem Chinn has analy raped a minimum of 6 young boys who were all students at Shalom Torah Academy.

  5. The victims of twin rivers should sue gruman and shalom Torah and BMG for every penny that’s they’re worth. Gruman is employed by BMG and STA is BMGs Kirov school.

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