Agudah, Can You at Least Be as Good as Reform Jews on Sex Abuse

The Union of Reform Judaism commissioned an independent investigation into all sex abuse within its programs including its youth groups and camps. They released the entire report, admitted they fell short and committed to further steps including adopting the recommendations of the independent report.

There are allegations of abuse at Agudah’s camp about Yehuda Kolko and others. Why not be at least as frum as Reform Jews and take similar action? Instead you are still using the “ask a rabbi” shtik (contrary to the text of Rav Elyashiv’s psak) to protect abusers. As everybody knows, ask a rabbi almost always leads to victims being diverted away from the civil authorities who will take some action.

11 thoughts on “Agudah, Can You at Least Be as Good as Reform Jews on Sex Abuse

  1. Never mind the Agudah. The OU is LONG overdue to for an audit like this. The amount of predators to have worked/are currently working in National NCSY, regional NCSY, summer programs, synagogues is enough to warrant an independent investigative report. Until they do this, I don’t want to hear a peep from the Orthodox about how much “better” they are than Reform Judaism is.

  2. IRS lien for more than a quarter million dollars on Beis Mikroh / Bodenslimer recorded by the Rockland County Clerk

    Instr Number
    221 VIOLA RD

  3. Remember the faker Far Rockaway rabbi Hiller who was locked up for stealing millions to line his pockets from government funds intended for disabaled kids?

    He has a son Dovid Hiller who was arrested twice for shoplifting. Someone who was probably Dovid Hiller came on to this blog back then to whine that Frum Follies shouldn’t have allowed the information to be posted.

    Well, there is seemingly no other Dovid Hiller in the country & the Rockland Clerk has Dovid Hiller recently being arrested for reasons being kept a secret:

    Index Number
    CO-2019-001442 COURT RECORDS PEOPLE 19-311 NOTIFICATIONS ON SEALINGS 1-24-2020 11/19/2019
    Court Information
    Transaction Date Time Description Amount Comment Image(s) Flag
    11/19/2019 INDEX APPLICATION 0.00 HJC 1 page Flag
    11/19/2019 INDICTMENT 0.00 4 pages Flag
    11/19/2019 STATEMENT OF READINESS 0.00 2 pages Flag
    11/26/2019 JUSTICE COURT PAPERS 0.00 CLARKSTOWN CAS 6 pages Flag
    12/19/2019 BAIL EXONERATION ORDER 0.00 TMA 1 page Flag
    12/19/2019 JUSTICE COURT PAPERS 0.00 CLARKSTOWN 1 page Flag
    12/20/2019 ORDER 0.00 DJ 3 pages Flag
    1/24/2020 NOTIFICATIONS ON SEALINGS 0.00 MER 1 page Flag
    1/27/2020 CERTIFICATE OF DISPOSITION 0.00 CAS 1 page Flag
    1/27/2020 SEALED ENVELOPE 0.00 Flag
    1/27/2020 SUPPORTING PAPERS 0.00 6 pages


    (Department Identification Number) 21A1323
    Inmate Name WEINRAUB, DOV
    Sex MALE
    Date of Birth 07/07/1995
    Race / Ethnicity WHITE
    Custody Status IN CUSTODY
    Housing / Releasing Facility SHAWANGUNK
    Date Received (Original) 07/29/2021
    Date Received (Current) 07/29/2021
    Admission Type NEW COMMITMENT
    County of Commitment ROCKLAND

    Crime Class

    Aggregate Maximum Sentence 0012 Years, 00 Months, 00 Days
    Earliest Release Date 10/27/2031
    Earliest Release Type CONDITIONAL RELEASE DATE
    Parole Hearing Date 08/2031
    Conditional Release Date 10/27/2031
    Maximum Expiration Date 07/17/2033


    When Weinraub was out on bail he was hanging out at Pati’s kosher cafe in Lyndhurst, NJ, which made customers & staff uncomfortable.

    He learned in Shaarei Torah Monsey, the yeshiva of Gimpel Wolmark, a key player in the Mendel Epstein-Belsky shakedowns & beatings

    His family-owned employer ICM Tech provides the IT support to Passaic-Clifton Hatzolah. The molester was tasked with finding new clients.

    The company might not be doing well being that his VP relative Meir Weinraub had his house in foreclosure. Meir is a major macher at Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman’s shul.


    Loads of information here in Harvey Erlich’s court case for both him & his co-molester Heshi Nussbaum. (only for their crimes on the Canadian side of the border, not on their other crimes on the NY side of the border) Nussbaum tells the judge he made a deal with the Toronto Agudah to get chemically castrated in order to remain a member of the shul. Nussbaum was clearly convicted & sentenced but has recently been spreading false rumors that the charges did not stick. He has even threatened to sue an American askan for “slandering” him as guilty.


    A retired mesivta teacher, I am now a second year law student in California. My dream is to represent Jewish survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

    This summer, I will be ripe for internships and externships. I seek NY state contacts, organizations that serve my target population. Which organizations would you recommend? I have already sent an email to Zaakah.

    Kol tuv,
    Binyamin Aryeh Uchytil

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