Leiby Tells Reporter Why He Reported His Abuse in Skver by Moshe Taubenfeld

Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld

Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld

Rabbi Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld of New Square is indicted for allegedly sexually abusing “Leiby” for a period of years starting when he was a nine-years-old boy.

This all happened in New Square, aka Skver. When this was reported to the Rebbe (grand rabbi) of Skver, Dovid Twersky, it was dismissed with “Ich vais nisht; ich glayb nisht” (I don’t know anything about this and I don’t believe it). Well now the courts will get to decide.

Herschel Taubenfeld

Herschel Taubenfeld

Taubenfeld’s brother, Herschel pled guilty to child sex abuse and is still allowed to teach in Skver’s schools. He got off without spending a single day in jail. This, in spite of the fact that Herschel’s victim was ready to testify at a trial. However, the Rockland County DA, Thomas Zugibe, colluded with Skver which can deliver a block of votes. The DA allowed the case to be handled in the Village Court of New Square whose judge won election by getting the endorsement of New Square’s leadership. The judge made it clear to the accuser that even if a jury convicted, the sentence would not include jail time. So the victim/survivor, “Yossi” settled for a sentence of probation.

This time around with Moshe Menachem, the charge is a D Felony which automatically removes it from the Village court and places it in the county court whose judges are independent of Skver.

Leiby, Accuser of Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld

Leiby, Accuser of Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld

Check out this video of Leiby talking about his abuse and his decision to press charges.

UPDATE: 7/8/14: 1 pmTaubenfeld, represented by attorney Gerard Damini pleaded not guilty and he remains out on $25k bail.

UPDATE: 7/10/14: Next court appearance in front of Judge W. Nelson is scheduled for Tuesday, 7/15/14.



11 thoughts on “Leiby Tells Reporter Why He Reported His Abuse in Skver by Moshe Taubenfeld

  1. Sounds to me as if there’s ample grounds for a Federal investigation of the local courts in Rockland County yet none has taken place. Perhaps the fix is in at the Federal level as well. From what I’ve read Cuomo and Silver and all below them are in thrall to these Hasidim; maybe that situation extends further up the food chain than that.

    What’s needed is a crusading newspaper to take this on and to stay on it. The Times isn’t one. Here in Massachusetts we have the Boston Globe which to its immense credit periodically runs ‘Spotlight’ series on issues of public concern and really gets things moving however the Times seems to hold itself above doing that in any major way. I suppose rape and corruption 35 miles north and across the Hudson is off the edge of the world to them however they don’t do much better with the same sort of thing happening in Brooklyn – but then that’s across a river as well. Funny how that works.

  2. Perhaps because Cuomo’s actions lend credence to the belief that he might be an amoral opportunistic egotist? In other words… yet another corrupt and unreliable politician.

  3. That may very be true, as it is apparently true of numerous politicians, but such a public protest may call media attention to this disgrace and also show the world that we are not all complicit in covering up sex crimes

  4. These men are sick perverts! They are not religious men. They are just sick perverts dressed up as holy men! I tell mothers who do lemonade stands, that perverts look for lemonade stands. They tell me “but mostly religious men with beards and kippas just come”. So I ask them, “Do you know all them?”. They reply “No, but about half of them I recognize”. Then I tell them that it’s not the Rabbi’s who are the perverts, it’s the men who dress-up as Rabbi’s who are the perverts! For the life of me, why these woman still put their children on the corner to shout-out at strangers to come talk to them and give them money is beyond me.

    EDITED BY YL to remove off-topic link

  5. Without meaning to argue with the spirit of this post, I would only like to point out one correction.

    You (we) cannot blame the Rockland DA Thomas Zugibe for the lenient sentence.
    He clearly (and eloquently) explained the legal limitations in the Taubenfeld case.
    B’kitzur, his hands were tied. (It was deemed a misdemeanor. Not a felony.)

    You can judge for yourself by watching the following clip:
    (The Taubenfeld issue begins at 19:02)


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