Convicted Mikeveh Rapist Dascalowitz was at Monsey’s Merkaz Seforim Next to Rockland Kosher Supermarket (Updated 12/13/17)

Update 12/13/17– from Asher Lovy: I was contacted earlier today by a longtime employee of Merkaz, Joseph Goldstein, who updated me on Dascalowitz and his relationship with Merkaz.

According to Goldstein, Dascalowitz was released from a halfway house into the custody of the owner of Merkaz Seforim, who agreed to be responsible for him. In accordance with the terms of Dascalowitz’s parole, the owner found him an apartment in Pomona, NY, and agreed to let him spend time in the stockroom of Merkaz Seforim. Meir Dascalowitz was not an employee of Merkaz Seforim.

It seems, according to Goldstein, that while there, Dascalowitz did not limit himself to the stockroom. He conversed with customers, and told people that he was an employee of Merkaz Seforim. Other sources have confirmed that Dascalowitz claimed employment at Merkaz, and that Dascalowitz had asked them for money.

When this was posted yesterday, and people started contacting Merkaz about Dascalowitz, the decision was made, according to Goldstein, to send Dascalowitz home, and bar him from returning to the store. As of now, it seems Dascalowitz is confined to his home in Pomona, NY.

That said, I would recommend that Dascalowitz’s picture still be shared among various WhatsApp, and other community groups, and that community mikvahs be put on alert.

I would add on that mikevehs not committed to posting his pic and banning him should be pressured into doing so by persuasion, or if necessary, protest.

——  —–
In middle of 2016 I warned people that Meir Dascalowitz had finished his five year prison sentence for anally raping a 13-year-old-boy. I wrote:

In seven years of blogging about sex abuse I have learned about many offenders. Dasclaowitz stands out as one of the most unstoppable, repeat sex offenders I have ever encountered. I do not believe he can stop himself even if he tries.

Over the years his usual approach was to anally rape boys ranging from ages ten to late teens usually at a mikveh (ritual bath). Sometimes he met them in the mikveh. I heard of one case where he approached a boy on the sidwalk and asked him to watch his wallet while he was in the mikveh. He then raped the boy. That fast and that simple!

As I also reported at the time, he is a level 3 on the sex registry, which means he is considered to be the highest level of risk of offending again.

Anti-abuse activist Asher Lovy reports that he is now working at Monsey’s Merkaz Seforim next door to Rockland Kosher Supermarket. That gives him access to many boys. Whether or not he does anything there, it gives him an opportunity to appear like a trustworthy member of the frum community and he can then use it to get the trust of boys  so when he sees them in other places he can lure them and rape them.

I urge any of you with influence on Merkaz Seforim to remove him from that job and only assist him in getting work where he has absolutely no contact with any child.  If they refuse I urge folks to consider a organizing a boycott of Merkaz Seforim until they cease this dangerous practice.

Meir Dascalowitz Sex Registry pic 2016He should also be banned from access to any mikeveh where there is any possibility of boys being present and he must be continually monitored while attending any activity where boys are present.

When he lived in Williamsburg he was a Pupa Hasid. I do not know now where he finds his organizational home. If you know it, please share it with me or Asher Lovy.



Below is updated sex offender status: Please share as appropriate, keeping in mind the warning on the registry:  Anyone who uses this information to injure, harass or commit a criminal act against any person may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Hat Tip: Asher Lovy


5 thoughts on “Convicted Mikeveh Rapist Dascalowitz was at Monsey’s Merkaz Seforim Next to Rockland Kosher Supermarket (Updated 12/13/17)

  1. Sorry, to be so hawkish, Jews need to handle things alone, maybe a posse of stage 4 metastases yidden. Miskenim, but hizdamnut to commit a major mitzvah. 5 yrs, ???? he is probably hungry. how the f did he get that job, did they not know??
    that is one of the most disturbing elements here, Did they know before hiring him? Is there not some automatic method to warn all future employers? nah, probably, he served his time, but this is not like other crimes, this is an OCD repeat criminal, poof he is gone, woudst that it were so simple.
    Print this? amaze me. Nothing else works.
    Signed, self confessed hawk.
    protector of young boys,

    • Hi I work in merkaz seforim for 9 years this man never worked for us , he was here hanging out talking to ppl and we got allot of heat because of it, we already thrown him out of the building , he’s a guy with a low IQ , posting something without asking is not right , I had to deal with it now because some board guy on the internet knows everything and probably knows him personally
      Before making posts check the story

      • I have a hard time believing what you write. Asher Lovy was in touch with someone who spoke to Merkaz who confirmed that Dascalowitz was there and was assured that Merkaz was keeping an eye out on Dascalowitz. Sorry, but what you write does not ring true.

        • Yes that was the story someone watching him left him in our store for a entire day , I was very uncomfortable having him there but I didn’t have a reason to throw him out as he’s a human being, but usher lowy doesn’t know everything

        • any day, if i had to choose btw YL and some other commentor, I would put my entire net worth behind YL. so you others, forget it, Lies..

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