LA Chabad JEM Center Allows Indicted Child Molester Mendy Tevel to Cavort With Kids

Los Angeles prosecutor Benny Forer did a FaceBook post:

Menachem Tewel (aka Mendy Tevel at JEM Lag Bomer event 5-18-14

Menachem Tewel (aka Mendy Tevel at JEM Lag Bomer event 5-18-14

Currently at lag b’omer event in LA.

Attached are photos of Mendy Tevel at the parade. Mendy is on a double-decker bus filled with children. It’s for the [Beverly Hills, LA] JEM [Community] Center, an organization run by his father-in-law [Rabbi Hertzel Illulian].

In absolute denial of the truth, they are allowing him to be around children, at a children’s parade.

Tevel HAS pending charges in NY for child molestation!!!

This is outrageous! Shame on the entire Illulian family [his wife’s family which operates JEM] for allowing this man continued access to children!

Tevel  (whose legal name is Menachem M. Tewel) was publicly outed through a parlor event in Los Angeles in August 2013 which included testimony by victims. The event was publicized on the now inactive Jewish Community Watch website and then reported in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal. He was arrested two months later in LA on the basis of a Brooklyn, NY indictment and extradited to New York where he is out on bail on 37 child-sex-abuse felony charges (see details below).

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Menachem M Tewel (aka  Mendy Tevel) charges in Brooklyn Supreme Court as of 5/18/14

Menachem M Tewel (aka Mendy Tevel) charges in Brooklyn Supreme Court as of 5/18/14



20 thoughts on “LA Chabad JEM Center Allows Indicted Child Molester Mendy Tevel to Cavort With Kids

    • I have since learned his bail does not set any restrictions regarding being around children other than his accuser in the legal proceedings. There is state-to-state variation in these restrictions. CA sets them up automatically with child sex offenders. NYS does not, unfortunately.

  1. Shame on LA Chabad. Shows total lack of sensitivity and lack of awareness that they may have participated in illegal, if not criminal,behavior.

      • they were part of a large parade that is conspicuously chabad. See this description from COLIVE and pictures. Try and tell me this is not a chabad organized event.

        Here are the opening paragraphs of the description:

        On Sunday, Lag B’Omer, Pico Blvd., a main artery in the city of Los Angeles was closed for ‘the event of the year’; thousands of chairs, hundreds of feet of barricades and a grand ‘cat-walk’-style stage was set up in anticipation of the 15th Lag B’Omer Parade in Los Angeles.

        The event was set to the backdrop of a stunning replica of 770, draped with the 12 Pesukim and a stage the Rebbe would stand on during the parade -giving the children a picture of what a parade looked like by the Rebbe.

        Opening remarks were made by Rabbi Boruch Shlomo Cunin, Chabad’s Head Shliach of the West Coast. “The Unity that stands before us today – thousands of souls united – brings true joy to our Rebbe,” he began. “Such nachas… As I look out to this crowd, as we celebrate fifty years of spreading the mission of the Rebbe on the West Coast.”

        ERGO: chabad event, he is invited. He has chabad traits. So why the fuss over a technicality. He is closer to Chabad than any other chasidus, the litvish world, the MO world or the Sephardi world. If it walks like a duck….!

  2. The senior Rabbonim of Chabad in Los Angeles remonstrated on numerous occasion with Rabbi and Mrs Illulian the now parents-in-law of alleged molester Tevel, to call off the wedding, unfortunately the words of the Rabbis were ignored, for reasons unknown we are dealing with extreme denial.
    The community will now have to wait for the pending trial and the verdict of the judge.
    Hopefully justice will be done

    • What do you mean we have to wait. Steps can be taken to ostracize him and to issue public advisories. Where is the famed Chabad can-do attitude. Why does it suddenly evaporate because the culprit is one of their own.

      • As someone who is coming back to Judaism in part through the famous welcoming of Chabad this is VERY disheartening to think that anyone especially religious leaders would not err on the side of caution when it has to do with our children!

    • That’s actually not true. No chabad rabbonim discouraged marriage. Schusterman is too scared to speak. The Rosh is clueless. And, Raichik sanctified the marriage. Please show me (or anyone for that matter) anything remotely proving your point.

  3. It’s disingenuous to say JEM isn’t chabad. True, they aren’t part of the shlichus banner and aren’t under Cunin, but they are a chabad institution. All the illulians identify as being chabad chassidim. The JEM center has pictures of the rebbe. They celebrate chabad holidays. Importantly, they were invited to partake in the “chabad-lubavitch” parade. Yeshivas yavneh wasn’t. Maimonides wasn’t there. Neither were any other non-chabad institutions. JEM is chabad, just not under the official banner. Let’s be honest here….okay?

    • That in itself is a tragedy – where is the unity. And what are Chabad Holidays? Or do you mean the Yahrtzeits of the Rebbes. Because Yomtovim like Shavuos and Succos belong to all Yidden – so far.

  4. Do you have a post (maybe make link it under articles like this?) of a way to respond? What is the best course? Call them? email? Advice on what to include?

  5. chabad la rabbis email adresses

    Rabbi Shochet –, 323-937-3763
    Rabbi Shusterman –
    Rabbi Kesselman –
    Rabbi Zajac –
    Rabbi Raichik –, 323-954-8381
    Rabbi Lisbon – (213) 761-4965
    Rabbi Newman – 310-836-6770
    Rabbi Cunin – 310-208-7511
    Rabbi Peer – 310-777-0358
    Rabbi Yemini – 310-859-1758
    Rabbi Estulin – 213-874-0858

  6. BS”D
    Wow, amazing guilt by association! here you have a group that specifically is NOT under the legal name Chabad, not because they do not proscribe to the teachings but rather because they chose to run an organization, for better or for worse, OUTSIDE of Chabad censorship and responsibility.
    Regardless of how you see this issue, “Chabad” is clearly separate from them in every legal/responsible way. As far as them attending the parade, it seems like all of the above schools/orgs were invited, JEM attended as a community organization, NOT as a ‘part of Chabad’

    • There is no official chabad trademark. They share the traits. They were invited to a Chabad event along with other chabad groups, and no officially noted non-chabad groups. If you are embarassed by them get Chabad to announce that they are not acceptable to them. You can’t eat your cake and have it. Its the pottery barn rule of Colin Powell. You invited them; they are yours.

      • OK, perhaps this is obvious and i have not totally understood previous posts. As far as I have understood, if one opens a Lubavitch center, in quotes, one has to have approval from corporate. who tf knows who “corporate” is today. OTOH, other Lubavitch sites, off hand, just few that i know of, Rabbi Pinson in BKLYN “Iyyun”, Rabbi Simon Jacobson “meaningful life center”, oy, i had a third example, escapes me now. these are Lubavitch centers opened without the “stamp of geographical approval” from corporate, whoever they are. Not where the Rebbe would have chosen geographically?????
        otoh Rabbi Pinson and Rabbi Simon Jacobson, are very highly respected Rabbis, but they do not have “Chabad Houses”. One needs approval for the geographical site to open a “Chabad house”. Thus I have been told, and, I am no in way, anti-chabad, despite their awful record re CSA, and the Messiach issue, which is total turnoff for so many Jews, who, l’fi daati might otherwise have gotten involved, and that includes many OTD’s. Just my humble opinion.

    • Assuming your story is accurate, and i have no reason to believe it is not. may they fn rot in Gehenom. (your previous exemplars of yehadut). YSZ.

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