Israel FINALLY Agrees to Australia Extraditing Malka Leifer for Sexual Abuse of Haredi Girls!

In the first decade of the century, Malka Leifer was molesting girls in Adaas Israel, the Haredi girls high school in Melbourne where she was the principal. When police investigations were closing in, the Adaas school board flew her out of the country on less than a day’s notice in 2008. In July of 2013 Australia indicted Leifer on 74 counts and asked Israel to extradite Leifer back to Australia for trial. Now, seven and half years later and after 74 court sessions, and a final ruling by the Israeli Supreme Court and a signoff by the Justice Minister, the extradition is set to happen. Thankfully, we can count on the Australian government to act with dispatch and finally bring her back and commence trial proceedings. The scandal is that a gentile government is doing a much better job of protecting Jewish children than the Jewish state.

Compounding the scandal is the fact that it was haredim who were the main culprits in Leifer’s evasion of justice by fabricating the lie that she was too mentally ill to participate in the legal process. This fakery depended on consultants, lawers, and even an acting health minister who leaned on mental health experts to falsely certify her as incompetent to the courts. This went on for years.

But for the inventive intervention of Shana Aaronson, then with JCW, and now head of Magen, this scam would have continued indefinitely. Aaronson hired a Private Investigator, who surreptitiously videoed Leifer leading an active and thoroughly competent social and communal life. This forced the hand of the Israeli police who then conducted their own surveillance operation which confirmed Leifer’s competence. In the aftermath of those findings Leifer was arrested, charged with fraud and imprisoned pending the completion of extradition proceedings. Acting Health Minister, Yaakov Litzman was also investigated for his role in subborning fraudulent mental health diagnoses. The court than went through an inexcusably long process of revisiting the mental health determination before finally finding her fit and then proceeding to the extradition hearing itself which was fairly cut and dry.

So now at last, we can expect Leifer to be brought back to Australia over the next 60 days. Now at last we can watch an Australian justice process which we can expect to be fair and timely. This is so different from the feeling many of us had watching the Israeli process where we always expected delays, fraud, and deception.

Enormous thanks must be extended to the three sisters, survivors of Leifer’s abuse, Dassi Erlich, Nicole Meyer, and Elly Sapper, who brought the charges and persisted throughout this process to bring Leifer to justice. They are also functioning as proxies for other Haredi girls who were victimized by Leifer but have been intimidated into silence by their Haredi community. And once again, shame, shame on the Israeli government and the Haredi community in Israel and Australia.

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19 thoughts on “Israel FINALLY Agrees to Australia Extraditing Malka Leifer for Sexual Abuse of Haredi Girls!

  1. Shameful that her brother, the initial perpetrator, the one who repeatedly sexually abused her as a child and set this whole issue in order, is not also being tried. He has totally escaped justice.

    • If that claim is true, I expect it to come out in the sentencing phase after her trial (assuming she is convicted which is most likely). At that point she is likely to offer it up as a mitigating factor.

      After Baruch Leibovits’ conviction he raised the fact that he was molested as a child by his uncle.

      • Yes, it will certainly be brought as a potentially mitigating factor, but childhood abuse is never an excuse for abusing others. Many of us were abused and yet do not abuse. Abuse is a choice one makes.

  2. “Compounding the scandal is the fact that it was haredim who were the main culprits in Leifer’s evasion of justice by fabricating the lie that she was too mentally ill to participate in the legal process.”

    So just to clarify, a woman who molests girls is mentally healthy?!

    Classic liberal double think. Cant have it both ways. Either she’s mentally unfit for trial because she DID molest girls. Or shes mentally fit for trial because she DIDN’T molest girls. Sick people molest not mentally healthy people.

  3. You guys aren’t thinking rationally or logically. Think about it, this would be the first time in history that ANY Jewish woman would be found to have been molesting girls! The likelihood of there being life on Mars is more probable than this woman actually molested others. This is clearly a trumped up charge made by vengeful people. This kind of racketeering has reached brazen heights in accusing Malka. ולמלשינים על תהי תקוה……

    • The first time- OMG. Where have you been hiding to imagine that this never happened before. But even if it never happened before, there are witnesses willing to testify it happened with Leifer. Malka Leifer will get a fair trial and the burden of proof will be on the prosecution. Based on what I know, I fully expect she will be convictly, quite justly.

        • I can think of at least three where I personally know of the facts directly from witnesses. Check out the lawsuit againt Oora for one. The others are not willing to have their names out in the public. But your mentality helps explain why you don’t know of more cases. The attitude of disbelief discourages complainants. Just 20 years ago people like you were saying who ever heard of a frum Jew molesting a child. But now we know better. In time, molesting by women (which is less common but does happen) will also be better recognized and dealt with.

          • YL, do you believe, after so much has been revealed (in particular via the Royal Commission in Australia), that this “attitude of disbelief” is total naivety, willful ignorance, or something a little worse? My own view, without knowing the writer at all, has had trouble with naivety from very early on, when I realised that those espousing it so vigorously rarely changed their minds even when overwhelming facts became clear…

            • I trust long time readers of this blog to assess my credibility. I trust anyone familiar with either sex abuse or the frum world to appreciate why almost all victims of abuse never publicly disclose it.

            • You are too kind to trolls YL. His comment of “So typical.” is just so, so typical…

        • Gittie Kohn Sheinkopf is another female serial molester (See Leah Sokolovsky & Sweetie allegations),
          Devorah Kadaner, Smadar Cohen, …
          See the Hall of Shame in JCW website, you will find several female hassidic rapists.

  4. I wouldn’t be shocked if Malka Leifer is genuinely “suicidal” for similar reasons to Chaim Walder and Jeffrey Epstein were “suicidal”. Namely, that she’s staring down the barrel of both a prison sentence and total disgrace. But to suggest that one should be able to avoid justice on the basis of fears of facing justice, would just be… absurd. (Note, this isn’t America… she’s not looking at nearly as crushing a sentence and she would receive in the U.S.)

    As I said though, I wouldn’t be shocked if she did indeed attempt or commit suicide once the last of her chances of evading justice has been closed off.

    All that said, when she first faced court in Australia, her lawyer did ask for her to be seen and treated by a mental health professional in custody. By all means, I would grant this request, though I suspect some here would disagree.

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